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  5. "Tumehuzunika"


Translation:We are grieving

November 19, 2018



"we are grieved does not exist in English. Either "We are grieving" in other words - we are sad over some loss... or we are aggrieved - we are upset about something


Shouldn't "We are bereaved" also be a valid answer?

In any case, this should be added as an alternative in the emotions table, like kusikitika = to be disappointed/sorry, kuhuzunika = to bereave/grieve



If the lesson notes say that 'kuhuzunika' means 'to be bereaved' it is unreasonable not to have that as a possible answer to the question. In English, 'to be bereaved' and 'to grieve' are not the same: they are both associated with a death, but bereavement is the loss someone to death, whereas grief is the emotion you feel as a result of that bereavement.

Please correct the course, because it is incredibly difficult to learn when the answers do not make sense.


The hover translation says "We are grieving/aggrieved," but these words are very different in English. "Grieving" means that you are mourning the loss of someone or something very important to you, and "aggrieved" means you're annoyed or angry about something.

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