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  5. "mughojmoH ghojmoHwI' quv."

"mughojmoH ghojmoHwI' quv."

Translation:An honored teacher teaches me.

November 19, 2018



I translated this wrongly as "the teacher's honour teaches me", as in the honoured position of the teacher serving as an example to me (and thus being my tutor). How would I write that sentence in Klingonese?


The sentence does translate as The teacher's honor teaches me. The writer of the sentence probably didn't consider that interpretation.


mughojmoH ghojmoHwI’pu’ quvqu’ law’!

I hope law’ is in the right place — just when I start to feel comfortable, trying to compose or change a sentence in Klingon corrects that belief.

Edit to correct (remove the double adjectival verb by putting one of them in a relative clause using the suffix -bogh), thanks to jdmcowan and DavidTrimb3:

mughojmoH quvqu'bogh ghojmoHwI'pu' law'!


If you meant, "Many very honored teachers teach me," then you have placed law' in what would normally be the right position, but there is a problem here. quvqu' is already being used adjectivally and you are only allowed one adjectival verb. You can instead say either, mughojmoH law'bogh ghojmoHwI'pu' quvqu' ("Very honored teachers which are many teach me.") or mughojmoH quvqu'bogh ghojmoHwI'pu' law' ("Many teachers which are very honored teach me.").


Or mughojmoH quvqu'bogh ghojmoHwI'pu' 'ej law'bogh or mughojmoH quvqu'bogh 'ej law'bogh ghojmoHwI'pu'.


Oh drat. I'd forgotten that law' is an adjectival verb in this sentence, and even if I hadn't, I'm pretty sure I'd've forgotten that we're allowed only one adjectival verb (per sentence? concept? I have yet to break the habit of thinking in English first and trying to map the Klingon onto it, which complicates even simple things like how many sentences I should use to express an idea).

Ah well, at least for me, mistakes like this are among the best ways to learn, so hopefully I'll do better going forward. Thank you both!


One adjectival verb per noun. If you have a bunch of nouns in a sentence, they are each allowed to have an adjectival verb (though I'm sure such a sentence could get quite difficult to understand and analyze).


Ah great, that makes sense. Thank you again!

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