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Me- words (1+2) are killing me

This seems to be the hardest area for me to remember so far. I make up little mnemonics but there's so many me- words....

Has anyone got any great tips or stories to share that helped them learn this??

November 20, 2018



Let me try.

The Me- prefix is used to denote an action. Literally to make the word "alive". The Me- prefix conjugates differently depending on the starting of the verb.


Verb that starts with S

Verb that starts with S, when conjugated with the Me- prefix, produces "Meny-". A bad mnemonic I created "If you sleep (s), nanny(n) will yell (y) at you."

Example of usage: Simpan -> Menyimpan. (to store/save)


Verbs that start with g, k and vowels, when conjugated with the Me- prefix, will produce "Meng-" (the G stays, however). Another bad mnemonic: "Gevok (G, K, and vowels), Nancy(n) gave(g) this."

Usage example: Ambil -> Mengambil (to take/grab)


Verbs that start with b will conjugate into "Mem-" (but the "B" is still there!). Let me work on my imagination: "Budi(b), make(m) some books(b)."

Usage example: Baca -> Membaca (to read)


Verbs that start with t will conjugate and produce "Men-". To remember: "Tim(t) is noisy (n)."

Usage example: Tulis -> Menulis (to write)


I'm not sure if I have covered all, so reply me if I missed something.


Thank you Jason. That's really helpful


I just ask my mini-me. :-)


Hahah... I'll pay that :)


Indonesian is all about the root words , then you add the front and back..and if you are in the country and talking you actually drop the me part... informative but not really helpful


This makes sense. I think in this course I'm learning the me- word a lot of the time before the root word, which for me makes it hard to retain.

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