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  5. "पाँच बजे हैं।"

"पाँच बजे हैं।"

Translation:It is five o'clock.

November 20, 2018



Why बजे and not बजा?


I put "It is 5:00" Isn't that the same as "It is five o'clock"


Yes, but they don't accept numerals in the corresponding module either, requiring us to write out things like "four hundred and sixty three," which nobody does aside from writing old school checks.

They seem to have their heels dug in on it, so all we can really do is shake our heads and accept their poor choice.


Why does baje mean o'clock here and half past everywhere else?

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बजे is always used to refer to the time. You use 'साढ़े' to say 'half past'. For instance, half past five is साढ़े पाँच बजे.

I think the source of your confusion is that Hindi has words for 1.5 and 2.5, डेढ़ and ढाई respectively. So, half past one is called डेढ़ बजे and half past two is called ढाई बजे.


My answer is right. May b the quotes on o is required.


When to use baja and baje - Can someone please ezplain with examples?


Hi can't I say पाँच बचा हैं ? My hindi friend says it is betters

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