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  5. "Mnakaa juu ya mti"

"Mnakaa juu ya mti"

Translation:You are sitting on top of a tree

November 20, 2018



It doesn't even allow "on the tree"...


My understanding of the Swahili locative prepositions isn't solid enough to be confident as to whether that should be accepted or not. In English sitting "on" a tree likely implies it's been cut down. Normally we sit "in" trees.

Can anybody speak to the details of the Swahili? I assume the default interpretation is that "you" are sitting in the uppermost branches of a tree?


As usual a sentence without context: probably the narrator is talking to a squirrel :)


the translation "the" should be accepted as well as "a" since it does not exist in Swahili (as many other languages) - so following the context both could be correct. Here sometimes sustem accept "the" sometimes "a", which is frustrating


Yes, that's a general problem in this course. Btw, you have to use the definite article in you comment here: "the system" :):)


Right:) Thank you:) "the" and "a" doesn't exist in my language neither

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