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  5. "Saya mau bayar makanan saya."

"Saya mau bayar makanan saya."

Translation:I want to pay for my meal.

November 20, 2018



"I want to pay my food"... Please add this answer...


Maybe I'm mistaken but I feel like 'will' is an acceptable translation here for 'mau' in addition to 'want'.

As i understand, 'mau' is not just 'want' as in wish to, but implies that you will do it and i often hear 'mau' used the same way 'will' is used in English. The more general want is 'ingin' or 'pengen'.


I think if you want to say "I will pay for my food." or "I am paying for my food." you could say "Saya akan bayar makanan saya." However, I am not 100% sure! The translation as requested here, is correct.


Well then you'd just say 'Saya bayar makanan saya sekarang', 'I will pay for my food now,' but you'd probably add 'terimah kasih' at the end to stop it sounding awkward. Mau doesn't really mean will, though perhaps it is implied that you will, same as saying that you'd like to pay for your food now, since there's little reason for the restaurant to refuse.


Yes, you can also use "saya bayar makanan saya sekarang" in this situation.

But the expression we usually use when we're paying for our meal is "saya mau bayar makanan saya" or simply "saya mau bayar".


Sekarang means now btw soz to IntelGuard


Surely I can say , "I want to pay for my food". Seems the translation is a little inflexible.


Couldn't this also be translated "I want to buy my food"?


"I want to buy my food" would be translated as "saya mau membeli makanan saya"

Bayar - Pay For

Memebeli - Buy


Meant "membeli" not "memebeli" haha!


what is the difference between "bayar" and "membeli" ?


Bayar is to pay Beli is to buy


I said i want to pay for my food.. i got ot wrong.. wtf.. makanan is food..


yes it is and it happened to me too.


What's the difference between "bayar" and "membayar"


i want to pay for my food


When I started Duolingo it was great but then it changed in Restaurant in the lesson you will find - 'Saya mau bayar makanan saya' The answer is confusing mainly because of 'makanan' Reason: people get confused when to use food or meal for this.

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