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Verb forms ending in -ए

I noticed this comment in the tips for "Food":

Desires with चाहिए

चाहिए is a form of the verb चाहना (to want, need, desire), and literally means “is wanted/needed/desired by”. Like other verbs, it is placed at the end of sentences, and requires the subject to take the dative case.

चाहिए is the only version of this verb form that I have seen on Duolingo so far, but listening to my in-laws talking, they seem to be using this in other contexts (I often hear what I think is कारे for instance). What is this verb form? How is it used in other contexts?


November 20, 2018



I'm a learner myself. I can tell you that when इए or ओ are added at the end of the verb then it is a command. कीजिए (Please do) polite करो (Do) informal. करें is a verb conjugation I do not fully understand so I'm looking forward to hearing from others. From my understanding it is a "let's do." I know it is used in other contexts so I definitely need a better understanding.


to do. it can be used as aap kare it means you do, mei karta it means i do, tu kar is an informal you do, mei kar-raha hu it means I am doing.

I have never formally learned hindi, but I speak another Indian language that is kind of similar to it; Gujarati!

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As far as चाहिए goes, for all practical purposes, you can just treat it as a different word and not a conjugation of चाहना. It can mean want/need/desire (eg: मुझे शांति चाहिए- I need peace) or an obligation (eg: मुझे जाना चाहिए- I should go).

However, this form (ending with an -ए or -ये) for other verbs is usually used for the imperative form of the verb (eg: बोलिए - Speak!, कीजिए- Do! etc) to be conjugated with आप or when you are being formal/respectful (Eg: दादी, अब आप बोलिए - Grandma, now you speak). Since चाहना(want) is almost never used in the imperative, a confusion does not arise.

कीजिए is the formal imperative form of the verb करना (to do) but you will also hear करिए in colloquial speech.

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