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  5. "What is its answer?"

"What is its answer?"

Translation:इसका जवाब क्या है?

November 20, 2018



Why is it इसका and not उसका?


I think it should accept both, and am now reporting it, so.


I have the same question. Why would either इसका or उसका be better than the other in this sentence, given that there is not context for either physical or metaphorical proximity?


In the translation of What Does She Ask, the Hindi translation puts kya right after veha (she what asks is). But in this exercise, the kya comes just before the verb (Its answer what is). Is this because the subject in this case is Answer and not Its? I had thought Its was the subject.

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क्या (when used as a verb) should always go before the verb. In 'वह क्या पूछती है', it came before the main verb which is पूछती. In this sentence, it comes before है which is the only verb.


Is इसका obligue case?


I think it's possessive, not oblique.


That doesn't really work in English. "What is their answer" would be better way to not have to specify gender, otherwise, you're referring to an object.


I'm guessing this sentence is talking about the answer to a question, not the answer of a person.

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It can be both actually. 'What is the answer to this?' or 'What is his question' (when the person in question is nearby)


Thank you, Vinay92. "What is its answer?" is such odd English that I was not sure what the Hindi meant. "What is the answer to this." is normal and understandable without provoking puzzling over it. Also it makes the choice of इसका over उसका understandable, while "its" has no demonstrative force at all. I hope they improve this item


Would it mean that इसका for this and उसका for that?

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