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"Does he have a younger brother?"

Translation:Daʼ atsilí bee hólǫ́?

November 20, 2018



My phone doesn't seem to have the exact character for that last "o," with the accent on top and the squiggly part on the bottom. (What is that called?) So, I just did the accent on top, and Duolingo said I had a typo, but it said it should be "holo'." Is that correct in this context, or are they just encouraging me to type a plain "o" and apostrophe in place of the correct character, knowing that it may be difficult to enter on some devices?


Can you say this without "hólǫ́"? The last lesson gave "Bee" by itself to mean "he has", but it wasn't a question.


Hólǫ́ is what indicates possesion: "it exists". Bee indicates by him/it.


Thank you. Then just "he has" would be " bee hólǫ́".

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