"Apa yang memenuhi tasmu?"

Translation:What fills your bag?

November 21, 2018

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For the record, the more natural English expression is "What is your bag filled with?" or "What is your bag full of"?


Wouldn't "What is filling your bag?" also be an acceptable translation?


what about "what fills up your bag?" Shouldn't it be also accepted?


Whats the difference between memenauhi and berisi


Here's the relevant defitions from KBBI

The main difference seems to be berisi means to put any amount of something in, but memenuhi means to put in as much as you can.

berisi/ber·i·si/ v

1 ada isinya; tidak kosong; tidak hampa: senapan itu ~; There are some contents; not empty; not hollow: That gun is loaded; ... 4 mengandung; memuat: amplop itu ~ uang; To contain; to load: That envelope contains money

memenuhi/me·me·nuhi/ v 1 mengisi hingga penuh atau hampir penuh: ~ kolam dengan air; beribu-ribu penonton ~ gedung olahraga; To fill until full, or almost full: To fill the pool with water; Thousands of spectators filled the stadium


This makes no sense in English.
I accept when I make a mistake in Indonesian, but it is irritating when I am forced to write something in English that is sooooo wrong. It happens a lot in dualingo. People have been pointing it out for years - why does it not get remedied?

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