"Sampai jumpa lagi."

Translation:Until we meet again.

November 21, 2018

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Shouldn't 'see you later' be a better english phrase for this


In case someone is wondering how to break down this expression:

  • sampai means to/until
  • jumpa is the verb to meet (there is also bertemu which means the same, but this one is used in this expression; maybe someone could explain the difference between them)
  • lagi means again

Stitching them together we get until me weet again. Cheers!


(this is also in the hover menu, at least on the desktop version, for future readers / for future exercises!)


We would never say "See you again." We'd either say "See you later." or "Until we meet again."


I translated it as "see you later" and it said I was wrong. Seems correct to me, doesn't it express the same thing anyways? Nobody sais "until we meet again".


isn't "See you later" equivalent to "See you again?" I prefer to use that term


See you later is better choice for Bahasa Ingriss


I think "See you soon" work for this sentence...


Only villains in movies say "until we meet again", everyone else says "see you later"


It doesnt make sense that in this particular excercise it cant be translated as see you soon when it is translated as see you soon so many other times... i wish the Indonesian lessons would be as well done as the Chinese lessons...Duolingo needs some serious redoing

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