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Klingon books

Are there any books that were either written or translated into the Klingon language?

November 21, 2018



Quite a few!

The Klingon Hamlet
Much Ado About Nothing
Tao Te Ching
The Art of War
The Little Prince

And there are others, including comic books. There are more coming in the future.

A warning: the earlier books, like Hamlet and Much Ado About Nothing, were translated when we had a lot less vocabulary and understanding of the grammar than we do now. You may find reading them a bit difficult as the translator squirms and tries to put together some pretty complicated sentences to try to get across simple concepts.


I bought ta' puq mach, figuring a book destined to children should be a better starting point than Shakespeare. It is in tlhIngan Hol with a German translation on the side. Since I am trying to learn both languages, I thought I could use it as practice for both. It works, too, for me. The German is a translation of the Klingon, and not a translation of the (French?) original, so it too is kind of simplified.

Reading longer sentences, that make a story also gives a better idea about how the language is used in practice, and I think it is good practice. Of course I still need to look up quite a few words, and I am decidedly not to a point where the reading is enjoyable... But I hope I will get to that point eventually!

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"The Little Prince" has recently been translated to Klingon and is available alongside the German translation under the name "ta'puq mach".

You can find a couple of different books on Amazon (Shakespear, of course) but that's pretty much the most accessible that I have come across.

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