"A princess is the daughter of a king."

Translation:Putri adalah anak perempuan raja.

November 21, 2018

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thx duolingo for not explaing before that putri is princess. In hundreds of exercises before putri was always daughter!!!


Putri adalah putri raja <= should be accepted


to make it mean "a princess" rather than "the princess" you do need "seorang" before the putri


I really don't understand.

Putri = daughter... so "a daughter is the daughter of a king" ????

Pangeran = prince but not princess ?? If so then why why say " pangeran adalah anak laki laki raja" in previous sentence and not just "pangeran adalah anak raja" ????


"seorang putri adalah anak perempuan pada seorang raja" should be OK as it is more formally correct I notice this app is not consistent when using or leaving out "seorang" - sometimes it marks as incorrect usages it presents elsewhere as correct. No doubt a mistake but confusing for people just learning.


This sentence makes me confuse as others commented. We learned putri as a daughter, but this sentence imply putri = princess. OK. I accept that putri also have meaning of princess. So, how should I express daughter? Is is correct that putri as daughter is rarer expression than anak perempuan?


yes purti is not used that often in normal conversation. Anak is mainly enough because as you speak with someone, you know about the children and what sex they are. Other wise anak perempuan is the correct one. Putri is used in literature, poems, at official documents and in church texts.


Doesn't this sentence actually mean "A girl is a king's daughter"?


Putri - is generally used to mean princess. Puteri or gadis can be used to mean girl.


"A princess is /a/ daughter of a king /or a queen/."


putri is female putra is male both have nothing to do with a prince of princess


Pengeran adalah anak perempuan raja ?


i m getting mind ❤❤❤❤❤❤....

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