Command 1 already completed before I start it

I did see that someone else already posted about this, but I wanted to raise th question again. I completed the first level of Order and that unlocked Command 1 and Command 2. But Command 1 shows up as being already completed and I have not done it yet.

The response to the other post was that it is a bug with duolingo and to contact duolingo tech support/troubleshooting. I did try that. They have not responded.

But is it not possible that it is a probem with the way the skill was set up? It just seems very strange to me that all the sudden the 44th skill behaves this way and none of the previous 43 skills did. And I saw several posts about this and it is always Command 1 that is having the problem. So for the content providers for Duolingo Welsh (and by the way thank you thank you thank you for all you do) could someone just take a little peak in there a see if there is something different about the way that skill is set up? It seems like it would be so much better for everyone to do Command 1 before Command 2.

November 21, 2018


There is nothing unusual about the set-up of the section. It is definitely a Duo bug of some kind, and it is best to report it to Duo using the bug report, with screen-shots if possible. Bug reports are unlikely to be acknowledged, though, and bugs can take a long while to be fixed. There is nothing that the course teams can do to fix system bugs, I am afraid.

November 21, 2018

Ok... I'll assume you are right. I did report it as a bug so maybe at some point they will look into it.

November 21, 2018

An update for those of you who care :)

I did hear back from duolingo support who suggest that I clear my cache. Very frustrating. It is not my cache.

That duome website that Rev_Mother provided a link for is fascinating. I sort by date and see that Duolingo thinks I completed Commands 1 on July 29 right after I finished Countries. This would not have been possible of course. And duome gives a strength score. Most of my strength scores are 100% or 75%. My strength score for Commands 1 is a dot.

If you didn't read Rev_mother's comment, here's the url for duome. Note you have to modify the URL with your own username[your_username]/progress

November 23, 2018


I've just spotted this post. I had the same issue, but didn't report it - I cracked on with it at level 2, then did Comands 2 at level 1. I thought I'd inadvertantly found some magic key combination to unlock an Easter egg, so its nice to know that its just a glitch, and that I'm not going mad. Thanks for reporting it - I wonder if it is possible to add a warning in the lesson notes so others know this is a known issue?

November 23, 2018

[deactivated user]

    I had Revision 4 immediately showing as completed and golden (Crown level 5) as soon as I unlocked it. When re-started the tree, I had previously unlocked Commands 1 but when I reviewed it, it showed completed and golden too, although it should Crown level 2 like the Commands 2 unit on my tree. You are right that there have been others who said the same with Commands 1 (although I haven't seen anyone else mention Revision 4 too). It's unfortunate because I am pretty sure I didn't get the crowns for those and I can't do the lessons properly now to earn the crowns. I can only practice those units.

    I'm 99.9% certain it's a problem with the coding when they switch pre-crown system trees over to the new crown system. So like ibisc, the volunteer contributors can't do anything about it. Duolingo staff has to fix it.

    As ibisc said, you should report it if you can, but likewise, it will be a long time before it's fixed.

    November 21, 2018

    Thank you for responding. I wasn't even thinking about my crown level ... probably because I don't fully understand all th different levels :) I just want to do all the skills. Oh well, I'll survive. And I did report the bug. Maybe they will fix it eventually.

    November 21, 2018

    I have the same problem. I was hoping, although knowing it was very unlikely, that there was a way to clear progress from a single skill.

    I was also hoping there was someway to see which sentences you're given on lessons, to be able to go over the translations from the earlier Commands 1 lessons before having to do the more advanced ones, but I can't seem to find anything like that in duome, so, unless I'm missing it, I guess there's no way to get that.

    Hopefully Duo sort the bug out eventually.

    December 10, 2018

    The only way that I know of that you can see the sentences is to do practices on that skill. I don't know if you necessarily end up seeing all the sentences, but you can practice with quite a few.

    Fortunately Commands is not all that difficult because the verb doesn't need to be conjugated for every person (i, you, he, we...). You only need to worry about singular (-a) and plural (-wch) people. The negative is relatively easy and there is no question form.

    I did see in duome/progress that you can see the vocabulary which I am finding helpful.

    December 10, 2018
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