"Harga tas saya satu juta rupiah."

Translation:The price of my bag is one million rupiah.

November 21, 2018

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Having never been to Indonesia, I was wondering whether this is a reasonable price for a bag. What's the average middle class income range and what would a typical weekly trip to the grocer's cost?

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Doing a quick google search 1,000,000 rupiah equals about 54gbp 70 USD, with an average monthly wage of about 280 USD. So this bag costs about the same as the weekly working wage of an average Indonesian. For comparison the cost of a Big Mac combi meal in Jakarta is about 54,000 Rupiah and the cost for a bottle of coke about 8000 Rupiah (https://www.numbeo.com/cost-of-living/country_result.jsp?country=Indonesia).


You can definitely find cheaper, but I have seen bags this price


I have heard "sejuta" more commonly than "satu juta" but maybe that is coming in a further lesson.


Using "satu" in this way is marked wrong in other lssesons on Duolingo... I wish they'd at least try to be consistent.


I've used the 'se' prefix on other questions without problem. It should work when you need to enter in Indonesian text.


I wroe "my bag cost one million rupiah " and was marked wrong.


When you write in English "The price of my bag is one million rupiah." you are using the Indonesian meaning of rupiah (singular or plural). In English we would make it plural (perhaps mixed) and say, The price of my bag is one million rupiahs." ie, plural . ( I notice that "Spell Check" agrees with me!)

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