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Is it just me? "mistakes" are driving me crazy

I started using duolingo about a week ago and had a lot of fun practicing and learning. However, since a few days it seems to be unfairly strict. When I translate 'we' from English to 'we' in Dutch it says it has to be 'wij' but before both would have been correct. And now I tried the Dutch course for English speakers and it asked me to write 'You open the door' in Dutch, so I wrote 'Jij opent de deur' and it said it was false, it had to be 'Jij doet de deur open'. It seems like there is only one correct answer left for each question, while before any correct translation would have been okay. I takes away all the fun to constantly hear you are wrong, while your answer isn't wrong but just different. Is it just me experiencing this or what happened?

November 21, 2018

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It is both correct. However "Jij doet de deur open" sounds better. It is more about the state of a door: opened or closed. So put it to open to closed. If you compare it to "et pakje open" if it is wrapped in paper. It is difficult to reverse that state. opening a package". Here you say "Ik open het pakje" and you do NOT usually say "ik doe het pakje open" (of course people will understand but know you are not a native speaker)


Is er inmiddels al iets bekend over dit probleem? Het systeem lijkt gewoon de alternatieven niet meer te herkennen. Ik meld me inmiddels rot, minstens 2 a 3 keer per lesje. Nog een tweetal screenshot om te laten zien dat er écht iets misgaat in het herkennen/accepteren van de alternatieven. En ik weet zeker dat ik een week geleden ofzo wél shirt gewoon met shirt mocht vertalen!

http://nl.tinypic.com/m/k9jdyq/1 http://nl.tinypic.com/m/k9jdyr/1

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