"Siapa pembeli hotel itu?"

Translation:Who is the buyer of that hotel?

November 21, 2018

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Could "Who bought that hotel?" be an acceptable translation?


no. while it gives similar meaning and an exact answer, that is not the precise translation of the sentence in question.

"who bought that hotel" would be "siapa yang membeli hotel itu".


Surely 'who is the hotel buyer' should be an acceptable translation? Who is the buyer of the hotel is just adding particles that necessary in common English.


This is exceedingly strange. "Siapa," apparently, does not behave the same way as "who" does in English, where the interrogative pronoun can simply replace a noun phrase. In Bahasa, though, "siapa" cannot replace the subject in "Andi adalah pembeli hotel itu" where we must drop the "adalah" from the sentence.

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