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"The warriors blame the Federation."

Translation:DIvI' lupIch SuvwI'pu'.

November 22, 2018



Dlvl' luplch Suvwl'pu'. Is exactly what i typed in and it still says im wrong and dont know why it says that!


Four of those upright letters are actually each a capital i and only one is a lowercase L, but you have typed all 5 as lowercase L. Notice that the l (lowercase L) has a little curl at the bottom that the I (capital i) lacks.


Why is DIvI' the word for the Federation? Is it a short for a longer word, or just arbitrary?


Similar to in English, DIvI' is actually just the generic word for any "federation", but is used as a short nickname to refer to yuQjIjDIvI' "The United Federation of Planets".

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