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  5. "Duka liko wapi?"

"Duka liko wapi?"

Translation:Where is the shop?

November 22, 2018



It seems that the -ko endings are only used for questions right?


no, it's versatile. You could respond with 'Duka liko mjini'. Noun classes of place like 'Pu' and 'Ku' tend to be flexible, but 'Mu' is usually specific to objects ending with '-ni' (shimoni, nyumbani) or with the preposition 'ndani ya' (ndani ya gari)


I was expecting this to be "Duka lipo wapi?" because we seem to be asking about a specific location of a specific shop.

Does "liko" mean that we aren't asking for a specific location, but rather a general direction to head, or perhaps a city (but not address)?


Why not Where is a shop? Would that be Duka lipo wapi?


Suppose a certain shop doesn't exist anymore in the place it used to be, but I'd like to know where it was. How do you translate: WHERE WAS THE SHOP? Asante

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