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Why are you learning Danish?

In my case, because I fell in love with the Danish cinema and the TV series. I wanted to understand how a little country can achieve such a huge performance. And then I find out that the Danes are the happiest people in the world. I was so intrigued. And I love everything that I know about them: the beer, Thomas Vinterberg, Jussi Adler-Olsen, Mads Mikkelsen, Kirkegaard, Susanne Bier, the dark humor, Henning Larsen... I can go on for at least one hour. But I prefer to see an episode from Forbrydelsen. ;)

November 22, 2018



I started because my grandfather's family came from Denmark, mostly Odense. HC Andersen was his distant cousin.

It's also a fascinating language when it comes to the history of English. Most of the simplifications that occurred in English during the Middle English period started in the northeast Danelaw area of Great Britain, and were likely the result of Danish vikings learning a pidgin form of English to communicate with their neighbors. Many common Modern English words come from Danish's mother language, Old Norse, as a result of contact between the Anglo-Saxons and viking settlers. English is classified as a West Germanic language (Old English definitely was), but from late Middle English forward it's really a mix of West Germanic and North Germanic (i.e Scandinavian)--with a strong Latin influence, mostly through French.

I was learning Danish on Skype as part of a language exchange with a friend living there. (I was helping him with his French.) He passed away six years ago and I've gotten out of practice since then. It's on my "to do" list to revive my Danish at some point.


I discovered a long lost uncle living in Denmark and decided that it would be nice to communicate in Danish as well as English. Now I am totally hooked and get withdrawal symptoms if I don't at least do the minimum each day


I will be spending a semester as an Erasmus student in Odense next year. Everything I have read about Odense and Denmark so far makes me look forward to it a lot.


In my case on why I am learning Danish is because I've always wanted to study abroad. I want to explore the world. I was looking at places to study at and Denmark caught my eye. It was so interesting and beautiful. I love the language and their music. Even though it's very hard to find Danish singers that sing in Danish. My favorite singer has to be Rasmus Seebach. I have been recently obsessed with his song Lillies Store Verden. It has a cool meaning behind it and I recommend listening to it and look at the lyrics. One day I hope to visit Denmark and make new friends at the happiest place in the world.


I live in Copenhagen , and after a few years of getting by just with my English, I wanted to feel more at home here


enjoy! thats a great idea!


I am studying danish because I want to live in Denmark in a few years.


Bring some warm clothes with you.


this is a great reason.


It's the most beautiful thing I've ever heard. I feel the same way about Danish as I feel about German and Norwegian and Icelandic and Swedish and some of my other favorites. It's stunning. The language itself is musical and totally entrancing to listen to, even without understanding the words. It has soft sounds and hard sounds that form almost a beat when spoken. Its written form is attractive enough that I could stare at the pages all day. Danish is full of words that I can sit and imitate all day, trying to get even simple words perfect, just the way I'd heard another pronounce it. I'm amazed every time its spoken; I don't know how anyone could tire of the powerful sound of the language alone. Denmark has produced some of the most well-spoken individuals in history, and it's a shame that it isn't a popular language to learn. Props to Denmark for producing people who are consistently ranked as the best non-native English speakers, but I think if more people had time to fall in love with this language, they might not have to be.

I learned Danish because I too wish to be able to say something in such a way as they.


Dear Prussia1525, I have spoken Danish all my life, my family is danish. I grew up in Denmark.

And I have never heard such beautiful things said about the danish language! Thank you for saying so beautifully what you find entrancing about the language. I will keep this with me always.


That makes my day. I'm happy to hear that this meant something to you.


I also agree with everything you have said, which rang a loud bell for me! My mother was Danish & came to England just before WW2. She married my English father and, as Denmark was occupied for those 6 years she was cut off from her large family which must have been very hard. So she found all the other Danes in London to talk to on the phone! And I listened, completely entranced :-) She was not a natural teacher so we children didn't become bilingual, which has been a huge regret ever since. I am making up for it here on Duolingo, with the advantage of a good grounding in pronounciation. I just drool when I hear it spoken....


in my case i lived in denmark for some years as a kid, then I left and lost a lot of it, then I came back as an adult to revive it and I have been using doulingo as a tool to practice it, now I don't think i need to do the danish tree again, but I love to help people with their danish learning as it's an amazin process and denmark, the danes and the culture are basically amazing.


I have searched for some third language to learn,i could not decide about it for a long time. Then i have tried Danish here on Duolingo,and i fell in love with it! I also really like Denmark as a country and i want to travel there regularly.


May potentially study in Denmark so that's why I wanted to get a kick start in Danish.


My throat already hurts :)


it's not supposed to hurt your throat :-)


I wanted to learn Danish because my father's side is mostly danish. My uncle also went to college for a little while in Denmark, and I was thinking about learning some to surprise him. I also wanted to look at linguistics in a whole rather than just English. I am already taking German in school, so i wanted another language to take.


My dream university course (eskimologi) is only offered at Københavns Universitet, so of course I'll need to know Danish to be able to study and live in the country. Danish is also spoken in Greenland, which is my main area of interest, and I'm using primarily Danish-language materials to start learning Greenlandic.

On top of that, it's a generally beautiful language - especially when spoken - and not so difficult that speaking it seems impossible.


I had an interest in Greenlandic culture so I looked into Danish for a little bit. As I learned more, it really opened up the world of Scandinavia and the Nordic nations to me, as my only interest beforehand was in the Icelandic language. The unique pronunciation of Danish and it's orthography is gorgeous. I really hope to tackle the other Nordic languages in the future. Good luck to my fellow Danish learners!


OK..... firstly, i met my wife and she happened to be a Dane, so i moved over to Denmark to be with her - and i had absolutely no idea what people were saying, it sounded really difficult and i could barely even pick out a single word. Obviously, something had to be done about this! I started to learn Danish, Duolingo is one of my tools, and so is some Danish speaking courses i got, that you listen to and repeat after them. Danish is not the happiest country in the world, well not in my opinion, there is still problems like every other country has, people may be more content but i think they will have a job, good pay and a nice way of life, but there are many who do not. It is also not the most beautiful language i have ever heard, Spanish is the most beautiful in my opinion.

There was really no need to learn Danish though as all Danish natives speak fine English, they learn it in school, but they really do appreciate it when someone tries to speak with them in their native language, and to get work in Denmark you do need a basic level of Danish usually. I would not go to Denmark and not bother trying to learn the language - besides, you can impress English teenagers by speaking the language of Thor :-D

I will keep trying to learn, only on level 9 at the minute. Good luck with your learning.


I fell in love with Denmark, this summer, when is was visiting some friends, in the Copenhagen area. Everything is clean, bio and organised there. Of course, mentality is one of the strong points. In 2019, i will emigrate with my wife, cause we want to get old in that beautiful country ! I am a very ambitious person and i want to know the basic language, before i go to Danish school. Long story short, Denmark will change a couple's life, being in our early 30's !

P.S. : Even my Duolingo profile picture is from Frederiksborg Castle, Hillerød.


I've got a Danish last name. That should be reason enough.


I started to learn Danish language after being in Copenhagen five years ago. Since then, I fell in love with the Danes' way of living, so cosy (or hyggeligt :D) and peaceful. In order to get a chance to move to Denmark, I started to learn by myself with books, music artists and Tv shows (Broen). Unfortunately I did not move to Denmark, but I still study this language.


Broen is my reason, too))))))))))))))))))))))

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A few years ago I moved to Flensburg (Germany), close to the danish border. A lot of Danes visit or live here. We get danish radio and TV. And of course the nice danish beaches are not far away :)

I started learning Danish when I moved here, but stopped after the first course, my new job didn't leave enough time for it. Over the years I picked up some passiv Danish, just listening or reading. As it is similar enough to German, Plattdeutsch and English, you can guess a lot.

Now I give it a second try on Duolingo, hoping to improve further my (passiv) understanding. But I will probably have to do a "real-live" course again, to actually get to the point of speaking...


My first Danish film was "After the Wedding." I was immediately attracted to the lilt and pronunciation of Danish! Like others have posted, I just love the sound of it. Others have questioned why I'm not learning a more "practical" language, but it gives me joy practicing the intonation and pronunciation of words that look vaguely familiar, but lose so many letters in the spoken word.


I did my 1st Duolingo (Finnish) course because I mistakenly bought a book online that was the biography of an internationally-known singer from Finland (Michael Monroe) ... so my "English exceptionalism" just took it for granted it would be in English. Oops!

Once I got to the end of the Finnish tree I was trying to decide which other Nordic language to go for, as I'd caught the Duo bug (and I guess I don't much like the heat - there's little point in learning a language if the place where it's spoken isn't in a part of the world you'd love to visit). Ever since my first dog died, I've been missing having a large and protective dog. I researched all the big breeds and had fallen in love with the idea of getting a Broholmer (AKA the Danish Mastiff). They tick all my boxes except for "slightly scruffy". Sadly, they don't appear to be bred AT ALL in the UK as the UK Kennel Club doesn't recognise them as a pedigree breed. Elsewhere - i.e. in Denmark and her neighbours, mainly - their numbers are low and the gene pool pretty shallow since the World Wars (who can afford to feed a huge dog when there's a war raging?), so breeding them properly is quite an art. If you want a pup with the best health chances in life, you definitely don't want to buy from a sub-standard breeder, especially as my dog would likely be needed to participate in the breeding programme which continues to strengthen the breed. So, once I've saved up the money, I'd like to find a good breeder in Denmark from whom to buy my longed-for Broholmer ... and I thought it would be helpful to be able to speak the language. I'm sure my puppy will appreciate me speaking to him in Danish, too XD


Oh, and like the OP, I really enjoy Danish TV series! I especially love "Sygeplejeskolen" (renamed "New Nurses" for British TV) because it's a nice break from Nordic Noir and it has the same vibe as "Call The Midwife" in the UK (set roughly in the same era, too). Am currently on my second watch.


I am learning Danish because my husband is a native Dane, and we plan in the future to move to Denmark as right now we're currently in the US. Originally, I started learning because I wanted to be able to speak better with his family, but now we also have plans to move there :) I've now been learning for over four and a half years


Because my oldest friend came to Tokyo to see me. I'm returning this favor some day.


Damn, you already know more famous danish people than I do, and I'm a native dane lol


I'm learning Danish because I am going on educational exchange in Denmark, will begin taking Danish courses there. I was just preparing with Duolingo, and I'm hoping to learn as much as possible before I leave in February. I didn't know the language was so pretty! I love the strange pronunciation, and like you, I love the culture (from what I've heard so far). Really excited to discover the country and meet the happiest people in the world. I',m a huge cinema fan, can you suggest some of your favorite Danish movies/series?


I am trying to learn the language as I will be living in the country for a whole year this year on exchange. I leave on the 19th of January and will be living in central Copenhagen so I'm beyond excited. My friend who is doing the same exchange program as me is also going to Denmark but will be living in Odense. The exchange is what kickstarted me into learning the language but I've always wanted to learn the language. My mum is also lived in Denmark when she was younger and can still speak the language. I would listen to her speak it and was always fascinated by it and now that I'm learning the language I can finally have conversations with her in Danish.


My wife is danish, and we live in Norway and are moving back to Copenhagen, so its fun to learn danish :). I am from the USA, and not Norwegian. Plus I would like to teach in an education field and scouts, so danish would be more practical :)


I started 8 days ago. Some of my favorite movies are from Denmark.

The language itself seems like a simplified version of German with reasonable Grammar rules. And then there is the weirdness of the pronunciation. It does have a tender and sophisticated sound. Due to the mumbling, I have been wondering how efficient it is as a means of communication. But the same can be said about French.

Some weeks ago my question was if I should give Duolingo a try with Danish or Swedish. To me, the two languages seem almost the same - of course with the difference of the pronunciation.

The reasons why I started with Danish: 1. The country is not quite as far up North. 2. Danish is probably a bit more of a challenge. 3. Copenhagen. 4. All those charming films with their dark sense of humor. And there is some great Danish literature too.

So far I have been enjoying Duolingo's system with all those little rewards, though I really don't care about my streak, the lingots, the crowns and all of that.


What are some of your favorite movies?


Blinkende lygter (2000) is probably my favorite. I also like Pusher (1996), Adams Æbler (2005) and many more...


Det er min kræreste først sprog så selv om hun er tosproget, jeg vil gerne til lære det.

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