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Why are you learning Danish?

In my case, because I fell in love with the Danish cinema and the TV series. I wanted to understand how a little country can achieve such a huge performance. And then I find out that the Danes are the happiest people in the world. I was so intrigued. And I love everything that I know about them: the beer, Thomas Vinterberg, Jussi Adler-Olsen, Mads Mikkelsen, Kirkegaard, Susanne Bier, the dark humor, Henning Larsen... I can go on for at least one hour. But I prefer to see an episode from Forbrydelsen. ;)

November 22, 2018



I started because my grandfather's family came from Denmark, mostly Odense. HC Andersen was his distant cousin.

It's also a fascinating language when it comes to the history of English. Most of the simplifications that occurred in English during the Middle English period started in the northeast Danelaw area of Great Britain, and were likely the result of Danish vikings learning a pidgin form of English to communicate with their neighbors. Many common Modern English words come from Danish's mother language, Old Norse, as a result of contact between the Anglo-Saxons and viking settlers. English is classified as a West Germanic language (Old English definitely was), but from late Middle English forward it's really a mix of West Germanic and North Germanic (i.e Scandinavian)--with a strong Latin influence, mostly through French.

I was learning Danish on Skype as part of a language exchange with a friend living there. (I was helping him with his French.) He passed away six years ago and I've gotten out of practice since then. It's on my "to do" list to revive my Danish at some point.


I discovered a long lost uncle living in Denmark and decided that it would be nice to communicate in Danish as well as English. Now I am totally hooked and get withdrawal symptoms if I don't at least do the minimum each day


I will be spending a semester as an Erasmus student in Odense next year. Everything I have read about Odense and Denmark so far makes me look forward to it a lot.


In my case on why I am learning Danish is because I've always wanted to study abroad. I want to explore the world. I was looking at places to study at and Denmark caught my eye. It was so interesting and beautiful. I love the language and their music. Even though it's very hard to find Danish singers that sing in Danish. My favorite singer has to be Rasmus Seebach. I have been recently obsessed with his song Lillies Store Verden. It has a cool meaning behind it and I recommend listening to it and look at the lyrics. One day I hope to visit Denmark and make new friends at the happiest place in the world.


I am studying danish because I want to live in Denmark in a few years.


Bring some warm clothes with you.


this is a great reason.


OK..... firstly, i met my wife and she happened to be a Dane, so i moved over to Denmark to be with her - and i had absolutely no idea what people were saying, it sounded really difficult and i could barely even pick out a single word. Obviously, something had to be done about this! I started to learn Danish, Duolingo is one of my tools, and so is some Danish speaking courses i got, that you listen to and repeat after them. Danish is not the happiest country in the world, well not in my opinion, there is still problems like every other country has, people may be more content but i think they will have a job, good pay and a nice way of life, but there are many who do not. It is also not the most beautiful language i have ever heard, Spanish is the most beautiful in my opinion.

There was really no need to learn Danish though as all Danish natives speak fine English, they learn it in school, but they really do appreciate it when someone tries to speak with them in their native language, and to get work in Denmark you do need a basic level of Danish usually. I would not go to Denmark and not bother trying to learn the language - besides, you can impress English teenagers by speaking the language of Thor :-D

I will keep trying to learn, only on level 9 at the minute. Good luck with your learning.

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