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  5. "He disappears forever."

"He disappears forever."

Translation:Dia menghilang selamanya.

November 22, 2018



I'm a bit confused about when 'selamanya' has to come before the verb and when it has to come after... can anyone clarify? thanks!


Selamanya is an adjective and is usualy only used after unless you change the entire structure. Example:

Dia menghilang selamanya. Selamanya dia menhilang.

Just like in English ,this adjective can be used before or after depending on your structure. Semangat!! Selamat beajar!


Me too! Why is it not selamanya menghilang?


I'm confused by the position of selamanya. In this sentence it comes after both the subject and the verb, but in the sentence:

"Mereka tidak mau selamanya menyewa rumah."

it's in between the subject (Mereka) but before the verb (menyewa). Maybe the presence of another verb (mau) causes this difference, but I'm not seeing the logic yet. Can anyone explain?

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