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  5. "Dunqu' qachraj."

"Dunqu' qachraj."

Translation:Your building is really wonderful.

November 22, 2018



This is really a trifling matter, but I thought "amazing" would be a good translation for Dunqu' in this sentence, so I translated this as "Your building is amazing," which was rejected. I guess there are three possibilities:

1) You hadn't thought of/entered "amazing" as a possibility; 2) there's another Klingon word for "amazing" which precludes Dunqu' from being translated as such here; or 3) "amazing" is not an appropriate translation in this context, and hence, I am wrong. :-)


I'll go for 1 :)

We had "awesome" in there but not "amazing".

We usually only have the words offered as glosses in the dictionary, but occasionally add synonyms.


qatlho'! Just checking to see if it was a viable alternative in this case. I know the strictest gloss for Dun is 'great,' but saying "your building is really great" just sounds a bit, well, trite. Not that triteness doesn't happen, especially early on in the learning of any given language.

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