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  5. "That is your book."

"That is your book."

Translation:वह तुम्हारी किताब है।

November 22, 2018


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I've met a multiple choice question with “वह तुम्हारी पुस्तक है” as the answer, with contains the word “पुस्तक” that I've never met before.


Yes I think this is a bug especially if we've not yet encountered the word. I could only assume the correct answer because in Gujarati 'પુસ્તક' is a book. It seems in Hindi 'पुस्तक' and 'किताब' are both used interchangeably for the word book


Heads up. I noticed that upcoming lessons start introducing a lot of synonyms. This is probably the leading edge.

Side note: You can find words you don't know on wiktionary, e.g. google "wiktionary पुस्तक".


Thanks for the tip. Not a huge fan of this approach as it costs you mistakes for no reason


Agreed. But remember that this also means adding documentation, which a lot of people don't read anyway. ;-)

I grumble sometimes when I get dinged for not already knowing something they're trying to teach me. But I've now finished this course, and (with a lot of extracurricular work), the bottom line is that I'm in striking distance of speaking the language.


When would you use tumari or tumara...when referencing a book. When the sentence on English does not indicate male or female?


Every noun in Hindi has a gender, most words that end with आ are masculine, and most words that end with ई are feminine. The rest you just have to memorize, in this case, book (किताब​,) is always feminine, so you need to use तुम्हारी.


That was helpful law n the explanation was clear.thank you.


Why is kithabh is feminine? Not masculine


Just the way it is. There are rules of thumb, such as what Zerenei wrote here 22-November-2018. But those rules have exceptions that you need to memorize. And there are some words, such as किताब where there's no rule of thumb to begin with.

Side note: किताब is generally romanized as "kitab" (no h's) because the त and the ब are both unaspirated.


Can it be vah pustak tumara hai

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