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  5. "This cake is moving!"

"This cake is moving!"

Translation:Kue ini bergerak!

November 22, 2018



The correct answer says kue itu, but that means that cake, not this cake :/


It's already repaired, sis


This cake is moving .... ok... but what does it mean a moving cake ? (actually I sometimes like the level of absurdity in this course). I already encountered a sleeping banana as well :-)


The point of having these funny sentences is to test your ability to interpret them. yes you most likely will not say that a banana is sleeping in daily conversations, but by putting these funny words together, duolingo hopes to train user's ability to understand even if the context is absurd. If you can understand absurdity then the normal sentences would be a piece of cake for you


Thanks for clarifying !


You're welcome :) It'd be a piece of cake, a moving one :) HAHA


If the cake is moving then its really very rotten please dont eat it. I think these highly strange sentences are helpful because they have strong visual effects when you imagine it and that can impress the memory better than a mundane sentance.


The sales are moving up. The sales of this particular cake are moving (up). The cake is so good that it is selling like hot cakes


There is a ghost that moves this cake. Maybe it is very hungry.



In Indonesian, gerak is a noun and it means motion. We know that adding the ber- prefix we usually create a verb. In this case, bergerak ends up being the verb to move. Cheers!


Must be maggots inside


Duo: this cake is moving Ghost: i'M jUsT hUnGrY oK? dOn'T jUdGe Me


They showed me the sentece 'kuenya bergerak!', so i thought it should be 'his cake is moving', but this wasnt an option. Can anyone explain? Thnx!


I thought the same, that it meant his or her cake is moving. Isn't "kue ini bergerak" a clearer way to say "this cake is moving"?

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