"वह तुझसे धीरे खाता है ।"

Translation:He eats slower than you.

November 22, 2018

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In formal English this sentence would be: He eats more slowly than you do. (Slow is an adjective that is used to modify a noun. Slowly is an adverb that modifies the verb. Adverbs say how someone does something. The word "fast" is both an adjective and an adverb. i.e. His speech is fast, He speaks fast.)


I agree, I find "more slowly" much more natural than "slower"


Why is it not धीरा खाता or धीरे खाते ?


it looks like धिरे is invariant- i.e. doesn't change by gender or number, the same way e.g. in English we have chicken/chickens dog/dogs but sheep/sheep. So here they're both masculine singular, despite appearances.


When do we use तुमसे and when do we use तुझसे?


We use tumse with someone younger than us. But it is way more respectful than tujhse. We can use tujhse with younger people too but it doesnt sound quite nice. Tujhse can be used with younger siblings, friends or very nice friends. And tumse can be used with classmates, a neighbours or relatives child etc.


I have the same question


Does तुझसे come from तू and तुमसे from तुम?

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