"You people are hungry."

Translation:तुम लोग भूखे हो।

November 22, 2018

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आप लोग भूके हैं is considered a typo, and it's corrected to तुम लोग भूके हो.


I would have thought that "you people" refers to a third person plural. But तुम लोग भूखे हो seems second person formal. Is तुम लोग an expression


I would have thought the same thing. Any offers for why it's not the case?


तुम लोग is second person.

तुम can be used when you are talking to either one person or multiple people, sort of like the English 'you'. But when you are talking to multiple people, it is more common to use तुम लोग (literally, 'you people'). You can think of it as being similar to 'y'all' in the American South.


Tell any indian you get slap on your face


Why is that? It seems like a normal sentence to me, it does not say तू


भूखे as an adjective is usually used to mean 'starving'. A much closer translation would be 'तुम लोगों को भूख लगी है।' (literally- You people feel hunger).


Do you mean लगती* instead of लगी?


No. They are different.

मुझे भूख लगती है = I feel hungry (usually)
मुझे भूख लगी है = I feel hungry (now)


I really would like to know what is wrong with my translation: "आप लोग भुखे हैं।" ??? if तुम लोग and हो is correct, then आप लोग and हैं should also be an option, am I wrong?


You've spelled भूखे wrong. It has the 'long u' matra. Apart from that, it is correct.

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