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"छोटा चूहा, छोटी गाय। छोटे कुत्ते, छोटी बिल्लियाँ।"

Translation:Small mouse, small cow. Small dogs, small cats.

November 23, 2018



Is this demonstrating the relation between adjectives and the gender of the noun?


Yep, gender and plurality.


We were taught that चूहा means rat, not mouse. Is there another word for mouse? Google suggests माउस for mouse.


चूहा refers to both, माउस is just the English word Hindi-ized.


My translation option for 'chuha' was 'rats', which is plural, while it should be singular shouldn't it?

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चूहा - 'chuha' (rat/mouse) is singular. The plural is चूहे - 'chuhe' (rats/mice).


Thanks for responding! I know what you mean, but I could only choose the plural form as a translation for the Hindi singular word. I thought maybe others noticed it or that I overlooked something.


Arriving at this sentence for the first time, it is very frustrating: while it is good training for grammatical correspondence, its parts are too long and too similar for a first timer. Perhaps Duolingo should introduce a new type of exercise: a multiple one that consists of separate parts (four for this one) and you have to answer all of them properly to pass, but each of them is minimal (and you don't have to listen to the whole damn thing again and again... and again and again and again and again and again and again and again, forgetting the nuances of the beginning as you wait for it to end). As it is, it forces me to cheat my way through it and is therefore worthless. :(


"AIEIn", pronounced Ai-YAIN, is a mnemonic I came up with. Male singular (a), female singular (i), male plural (e) and female plural (i or in) endings for regular adjectives.


I have every word order correct. This is an exercise to let you know that the vertical bar is a stop. It is the "period". So ensure that you begin the next portion with a capital letter


Chuha is singular right?


Yes. Chuhe would be plural


Madar mouse kha hai


I noticed this error but thought maybe it was MY mistake. The SINGULAR of rat is not available.

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