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Giving thanks to the makers and maintainers of the Czech from English course.

Dobrý den! Since I've been using the Czech course on Duo since a year ago (to the day) to learn the language of my ancestors, I wanted to make a thread thanking VladaFu, nueby, and all others that made the Czech course possible and continue to give us answers to our questions. I imagine your work is thankless from how quickly learners move from one sentence to the next in the lessons, and also that Duo doesn't offer a direct messaging system, so let this be my open 'thank you' to all you folks do for us.


EDIT: This seems an appropriate place to link to a lesson's comments where learners have left thanking the creators and maintainers of the course: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/24508236

November 23, 2018



Agreed 100% - not only is the course really well constructed, but the ongoing responsiveness of the moderators to discussion threads really helps to clear up some of the more mystifying concepts and generally keep morale up. AND with a sense of humour! I've progressed more in the past 3 months than the past 10+ years, trying all kinds of methods to learn the language properly. If Čeština is a national defence system, Duolingo is the trojan horse. THANKS!!!


Thank you for your kind words. We really apreciate your feedback.


I would add to this thread another post full of good wishes and thanks to the ones who are still there pushing this course to be better.

I will add one sentence that always reminded me that I'm in fact learning Czech:

Vaši psi pijou pivo.

Děkuju vám.


I most heartily agree!! A lot of work has been put into this course. Although the Czech language frustrates me at times I do appreciate being able to benefit from this course. I am learning Czech from a teacher but this has also greatly improved my knowledge of Czech as well. I also love all the fun and sometimes crazy sentences added to make learning more fun. For example: "Nemám dost víno" which gives me an excuse to buy some good Moravian wine. ;)


I couldn't agree more. Thank you so much, it is brilliant.


Já také děkuju.


Congratulations on a year jgreenemi. I am a little over a year and it has been well worth my time.


Tož detska, také děkuju_ , it's great work, much appreciated. Czech language just keeps on giving_ where else can you find good 'candle sauce' or eat 'morning sky'!!


I certainly concur with these thoughts. Not only have the course creators and moderators been incredibly helpful in guiding me in Czech, but amazingly patient with me when I got upset over a perceived error when it was my own English that was to blame!

So much advice and help so kindly given! I offer my gratitude to all involved.


Dear Czech moderators, (and please forgive me if I am wrong) but can we please have the accent symbol for z, in the Czech course? I'm not offered anything for that letter in my tablet, and what you get offered when holding down the key does vary from language to language.

I prefer typing in rather than using the presets as it helps me learn

And dékuji, of course, for the course!


This is a thank you post. Please pay respects here and post demands in other posts.


jgreenemi, thank you for posting this discussion. I am also very thankful and impressed with this course, and am thankful that we can ask questions and find answers to our confusion from real people and not just depend on the tips and notes, which are also so helpful. This course is not only for beginners. I'm not a beginner, but I'm going through the course for review of what I thought I knew and improvement of my understanding of correct Czech grammar and word order.


Děkujeme moc!

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