Transitive & Intransitive verbs, Tips & notes, Addendum

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Transitive verb = verb can have an object in an active sentence, and that object can function as the subject in a passive sentence.
Three types of transitive verbs:
-1- ekatransitif (one object)
-2- dwitransitif (two objects)
-3- semitransitif (object is optional)

Intransitive verb = verb does not have an object, but a 'pelengkap' (complement), and this 'pelengkap' cannot function as a subject in a passive sentence.
An intransitive verb can not be transformed into a passive verb.
Three types of intransitive verbs:
-1- without 'pelengkap'.
-2- 'pelengkap' is mandatory.
-3- 'pelengkap' is optional.

Examples ekatransitif (one object):
1a) Saya sedang mencari pekerjaan. (S-P-O)
1p) Pekerjaan sedang dicari oleh saya.
2a) Ibu akan membeli baju baru. (S-P-O)
2p) Baju baru akan dibeli oleh Ibu.

Examples dwitransitif (two objects):
3a) Saya sedang mencarikan adik saya pekerjaan. (S-P-O-Pel)
3p) Adik saya sedang dicarikan pekerjaan oleh saya.
4a) Ibu akan membelikan kakak baju baru. (S-P-O-Pel)
4p) Kakak akan dibelikan baju baru oleh Ibu.

Examples semitransitif (object is optional):
5a1) Tini menyapu. (S-P)
5a2) Tini menyapu rumah. (S-P-O)
5b) Rumah disapu oleh Tini.
6a1) Tini sedang membaca. (S-P)
6a2) Tini sedang membaca buku. (S-P-O)
6p) Buku sedang dibaca oleh Tini.

The object in the active sentence becomes the subject in the passive sentence.
If a verb can be transformed like this, then it's a transitive verb.
If a verb cannot be transformed like this, then it's an intranstive verb.
Please remember that not all me-verbs are transitive.

Examples intransitive (without 'pelengkap'):
7a) Tini sedang mandi. (S-P)
8a) Tono masih tidur. (S-P)

Examples intransitive ('pelengkap' is mandatory):
9a) Kucingnya Tini berjumlah dua puluh ekor. (S-P-Pel)
10a) Nasi sudah menjadi bubur. (S-P-Pel)

Examples intransitive ('pelengkap' is optional):
11a) Pikirannya bernilai. (S-P)
12a) Film itu berwarna. (S-P)

The sentences 7-12 don't have an object and cannot be transformed into a passive sentence.
These verbs are intransitive.

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this is the most complicated explanation I have seen for a while....

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