Translation:your name

November 23, 2018

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What letters denote the "your" in this?


The suffix -lIj.


Pls tell how to say it


Are you not able to hear it on Duolingo? If not, you can click on the word at the top of this page and Duolingo should take you to a page where you can hear it. There's also a link elsewhere in this discussion thread that plays a computer pronouncing it pretty well. On the other hand, if you mean that you are having difficulty figuring out the sounds you are hearing, I will describe it so you can try to figure it out.

The Klingon p is like an English "p", but we often soften the "p" in English and it should always be said with a strong puff of air in Klingon. The Klingon o is like the English "long o" which says its name, like the "o" in "bone". The Klingon ng is like we say the English "ng", but note that in English we never put a "long o" in front of "ng", only a "short o", so Klingon pong has a different vowel sound than English "pong". The Klingon l (lowercase L, notice the curl at the bottom) is just like the English "l". The Klingon I (uppercase i, notice the straight bottom) is like the "i" in English "lid" - it never makes the "ee" sound common in Spanish and many other international languages. The Klingon j is like the "j" in English "judge" (and the same sound is made by the "dg" in "judge") - it is never a soft sound like the French "j" or the Spanish "j". I hope that helps you hear the sounds a little better and figure out how to make the sounds.

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