List of Semitic Languages by Number of L1 Speakers

C refers to central Semitic languages. S refers to south Semitic languages.

C1) Arabic 300 Million S2) Amharic 22 Million S3) Tigrinya 7 Million C4) Hebrew 5 Million S5) Tigre 1.05 Million C6) Aramaic 500k-1 Million S7) Silt'e 940,000 C8) Maltese 482,880 S9) Sebat Bet 440,000 S10) Inor 280,000 S11) Soddo 260,000 S12) Mesqan 200,000 S13) Mehri 165,900 S14) Muher 90,000 S15) Soqotri 70,000 S16) Shehri 59,000 S17) Argobba 44,000 S18) Harari 25,810 S19) Zay 4,900 S20) Dahalik 2,500 S21) Harsusi 600 S22) Hobyót 200 S23) Bathari 12-20

November 23, 2018



November 24, 2018

I had only heard about six of these languages before. It's good to know that there are more languages.

November 24, 2018

I am guessing there are probably 6 million L1 Hebrew speakers rather than 5 million. Here is how: in Israel there are approx. 6.5m Jews, out of which probably 1m are first-gen olim, which translates into 5.5m native speakers ... add here those non-Jewish Israelis, who happened to have learned ivrit as L1, and a few hundred thousands Israelis living abroad = 6m.

July 21, 2019
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