"मेरे पास कुछ केले हैं।"

Translation:I have some bananas.

November 24, 2018

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I got confused with the translations of (a) few/(a) little into कई,कुछ and थैड़ा ... In this particular example i thought कुछ could also mean "few", which is marked wrong. Any hint on where i could find an overview of the correct translations? Thanks!


'Few'/'some'/'a little' have a few (!) meanings in English, so I think the confusion is because Hindi separates them more:

कुछ - some [abstract thing(s)]

थोड़ा - some [small amount of]

कोई - some [one/anyone/people]

You could probably find ways to write a given sentence using each of them with 'few'/'little' too, but in Hindi they're separate. With कोई & कुछ in particular, I've found it helpful to think of के पास/साथ।


Why is few wrong?


You could say 'a few bananas', but 'few bananas' (without 'a') has a slightly different meaning (and perhaps sounds formal or even dated) - emphasising that they are, in Hinglish, 'very less'; you don't have enough bananas, or not as many as you'd like, you have few bananas but you'll make do, etc.

By contrast 'a few' has more of an increasing count/positive going emphasis - I have a few bananas left so I'll make a cake. (Cf. I have few bananas left so I shan't be able to make a cake.)


"I've got some bananas" should be correct


why near me is banana wrong?


although that is what the translation is, the implied meaning is "I have some bananas"


Because it's like translating French 'bonne fin de semaine' as 'good end of the week' instead of 'good weekend'.

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