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Google Chrome site problems

Hi! I cannot use your site with google chrome browser (22.0.1201.0 version). Site opens with just topmenu and footer menu and background. Nothing starts. In firefox it works fine. Can you please help me?

July 11, 2012



It’s this special version of chrome which throws an error. Try the normal build of chrome.


Javascript, cookies everything is enabled and allowed. Yes, in simple stable version of chrome it works, but also it worked earlier on that build too, but one day it just stopped. Thanks for help, maybe developers chrome mod would be fixed with next update.


Hi, things was allright until today that a new and "improve" update of FlashPlayer was instaled in my pc: Vs. 11.6.602.171. I don't know what is wrong, I can't record my voice in the test! Anybody with same problem? Any solution, please?


Is Javascript enabled?

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