"Mi piacciono quei bicchieri verdi."

Translation:I like those green glasses.

April 3, 2013

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    Why piacciono? I thought I was back in clitics

    Edit: Is this a case, since the glasses are plural, then the verb is. "To like" is complicated :s


    Piacere is the wierd one, where the person goes in front in the form mi (for I) and the cojugation corresponds to the object. Here the object is plural so the piacere takes its plural form


    I'm trying to figure piacciono out too and why mi instead of io here.


    Literally, "Those green cups please me."


    Is quei the same as quelli? Is quelli correct at all?


    Quelli is a little different compared to quei/quegli (which are constructed with the articles i and gli); it's used as a noun and it's more often "them" or "those ones" than those, e.g. "Mi piacciono quei bicchieri, quelli verdi" (I like those glasses, the green ones).


    Ok. But what would be the singular then, if you see just the one green glass you like... quel? Thank you very much.


    Quel referred to "il bicchiere", while quello if used as a noun: "Mi piace quel bicchiere, quello verde". Quel verde would be "that green", while quello verde is "the green one".


    Everywhere else they accept 'cups/glasses' as translation for 'bicchieri'...now I used cups, and it's considered wrong...? Any sense?


    Okay, DL, make up your mind! In one question bicchieri means cups or glasses and in the next, only glasses and cups is marked wrong.


    I thought piacciono = they like. I put "they like those green glasses". At 1st I thought is was "they like my green glasses" but I didn't know what to do with quei. Is this sentence flawed?


    Piaccio means that something is pleasing to someone, therefore the glasses (they) are pleasing to me.


    Is it just me, or does the sentence translate to "Me like those green cups?"


    I'm always confusing "quei" for "these" rather than "those". Any hints to help me out on this one? I insist on saying "these glasses" , and DL insists on saying "those glasses". : )


    Hmm, I'm pretty sure there was another word for a cup, but DL said cups now...


    I remember being taught earlier on in the tree that when using in this sentence, for example, it should be something like "A mi piacciono..." and not just "Mi piacciono." Did I get something wrong? why is this any different?


    As you're studying German, "mi piacciono" is the same as the German "mir gefallen sie", i.e. "mi" here is the dative form of the first person pronoun, or rather it was in Latin (mihi placent); in Italian, where the declension system has been dropped, you can always substitute the (clitic) oblique / indirect object form (based on dative) with the preposition "a" and the object form (based on accusative), so "mi" = "a me". More info about that in the clitics section, where this sentence could appear too.


    Great analogy, appreciate your help :)


    Doesn't il bicchiere refer to a glass rather than a cup, which I have learned is la tazza


    In an earlier exercise, 'cups' was given as an acceptable translation of bicchieri . Is this incorrect?


    Think of it as "Those green glasses please me."


    I translated it as "those green glasses please me" and it was not accepted

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