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"We do not eat expensive food."

Translation:हम महँगा खाना नहीं खाते।

November 24, 2018



When do we use है and other similar verbs?

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है (along with its other forms like हैं, हूं) is the present tense form of the verb 'to be' and is used to indicate that a sentence is in the present tense.

When you have a negative sentence (containing नहीं) the use of है is optional.

The only exception is when the sentence does not consist of any other verb (eg: हम बुरे नहीं हैं - 'we are not bad' should compulsorily have a हैं)


sometimes you use nahin before the verb sometimes it is after. is there a rule?


I put nahin before mahanga - can this be accepted (it sounds ok to me) or is it unacceptable?

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It is not correct. The नहीं should be adjacent to a verb.
Either before the main verb which is the usual placement or right after it if you want to emphasise the negation.

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