"We do not eat expensive food."

Translation:हम महँगा खाना नहीं खाते।

November 24, 2018

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sometimes you use nahin before the verb sometimes it is after. is there a rule?


I put nahin before mahanga - can this be accepted (it sounds ok to me) or is it unacceptable?


It is not correct. The नहीं should be adjacent to a verb.
Either before the main verb which is the usual placement or right after it if you want to emphasise the negation.


When do we use है and other similar verbs?


है (along with its other forms like हैं, हूं) is the present tense form of the verb 'to be' and is used to indicate that a sentence is in the present tense.

When you have a negative sentence (containing नहीं) the use of है is optional.

The only exception is when the sentence does not consist of any other verb (eg: हम बुरे नहीं हैं - 'we are not bad' should compulsorily have a हैं)


Difference between kathe nahi and nahi kathe please


नहीं खाते is the usual word order. खाते नहीं emphasises the negation.


The people I speak hindi with say पेसे (pese) to mean expensive, I'm assuming this is a colloquialism as it wasn't accepted


पैसे (plural of पैसा) means 'money'. (It actually refers to a unit of currency which is a hundredth of a rupee but is more often used as the general word for money)

It cannot be used as 'expensive' by itself in standard Hindi though you can say things like 'पैसे ज़्यादा हैं' to say something like the cost is more.
But of course, it may be regional usage or a dialect.


We say बहुत पैसे है if it's too expensive in East India


Yes that would equate to "too much money"


Hello, I wrote खाती in this sentence, like it was only women speaking. Is it correct too?


Yes, but it should be खातीं instead of खाती. When there is no हैं, the nasal ending is shifted to the main verb to specify that it is the feminine plural and not singular.
If हम महँगा खाना नहीं खातीं or हम महँगा खाना नहीं खाती हैं is not accepted, you can report.


why can't i put "nahi" after the verb?


You can. If खाते नहीं है is not accepted, you can report. This word order emphasises the negation.

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