"The elephants are big."

Translation:हाथी बड़े हैं ।

November 24, 2018



Why isn't the plural form हाथीयाँ? And why isn't हाथी treated as a feminine noun, despite ending with "ी"?

November 24, 2018


हाथी is a masculine noun. Whatever rules you might have read to predict noun-genders based on word endings are only rough guidelines and all of them have many exceptions. My suggestion is that any time you come across a new noun, learn it along with an adjective (like बड़ा कुत्ता, बड़ी बिल्ली). This helped me a lot while learning French.

The plural form '-iyan' is only for feminine nouns ending with -ī. Since हाथी is masculine, its plural form remains हाथी

November 24, 2018


It's just a pie-to-pie translation from DUO. But actually it won't be like that but like "Hathi bade HOTE hai"

"हाथी बड़े होते हैं"

March 16, 2019
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