"J'attends ma fille."

Translation:I am waiting for my daughter.

April 3, 2013

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English speaker here: We would say "I am waiting on my daughter" as often as "for".


shouldn't "i am waiting for my girl" also be correct?


Usually when used with the possessive 'fille' is daughter. So yes a transliteration might give 'my girl' but would lead to confusion since I'm pretty sure this would not be used for girlfriends, but using 'my girl' in English can imply that.


Why J'attends ma fille and not J'attend ma fille. I thought the 's' ending in attends was for plurals as in J'attends mes enfants. Merci!


No. There is absolutely no link between the "s" after a verb and the plural of the group that follows.

If you were to say "J'attends un homme" or "J'attends des hommes" it would be the same :

J'attends, tu attends, il attend, nous attendons, vous attendez, ils attendent.


Attendre is an re verb, not an er verb so it follows a different pattern. Also the s is used for the subject "tu"


Since English is not my 1st language I dont know why is my solution incorrect. I wrote: I wait my daughter.


Need the English preposition "for", I wait for my daughter.


Or 'I await my daughter' though that's a little archaic.


In English we also often say: "I am waiting on my daughter." same as "I am waiting for my daughter."

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