"This pond's water is cold."

Translation:इस तालाब का पानी ठंडा है।

November 24, 2018

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Can we use possessive case with non-living things like- 'pond', 'table', 'river' etc.?

Is it correct to say 'water of this pond' or 'this pond's water'?


Why not की ?(since पानी seems to be feminine)


पानी is masculine despite the ी ending.


What is the difference between ठंड and ठंडा?


ठंड is a noun while ठंडा/ठंडी/ठंडे are adjectives.
Eg: पानी ठंडा था। उसमें तैर कर मुझे ठंड लगी। - The water was cold. I felt cold after swimming in it.


In your examples, cold is an adjective in both cases. Cold can be a noun as in, "My cat always sits in the sun. He hates the cold." In the original sentence, ठंडा is also an adjective. It describes a noun (the pond water). According to my Hindi-speaking husband, ठंडा is chilly, while ठंड is cold.


Ya. That was probably a bad example on my part.
But ठंड is the noun corresponding to the adjective ठंडा. (Such noun forms can be used with the verb लगना in Hindi while English would expect adjectives. The sentence 'mujhe thand lagi' may be literally translated to something like 'To me, coldness is felt' though it means 'I felt cold').

Your sentence would be translated 'मेरी बिल्ली हमेशा धूप में बैठती है। उसे ठंड से नफ़रत है।'


यह सही होना चाहिए


Why is it इस तालाब instead of यह तालाब ?


इस is the oblique-case form of यह. The noun phrase 'इस तालाब' is the object of the postposition का in this sentence. So, the oblique case form has been used.


That इस sounds wierd

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