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Duolingo Notes App - Help you learn Duolingo faster and better


First of all, I'd like to thank Duolingo team for providing us such a great platform to learn the other languages.

<h1>What is Duolingo Notes App</h1>

Duolingo Notes is a Google Chrome Extension, it can help you save notes during learning. It is free and open source.


  1. Bookmark the question and answer during learning.
  2. Review your bookmarked notes.
  3. Copy the note.
  4. Speak the note.
  5. Search the note.
  6. Add personal comments.
  7. Delete the note.

Download the app

The app is free on Google Web Store | Duolingo Notes. It requires an up-to-date Google Chrome brownser.

Source code

Source code is available on Github | Duolingo Notes. If you are a developer, feel free to report issues, fork the repo and pull requests.

<h1>How to use Duolingo Notes</h1>

When we are learning Duolingo course, we can see a 'Check' button on the bottom right of the page. Check button

After we click on that button. We will see the result of the question. Add to Duolingo Notes

At the time, we can right click to add current question and answer to Duolingo Notes.

After we add some notes, we can click on the Duolingo Notes Action Button (on the right of the address bar) to check all notes. Duolingo Notes Popup

We can copy the note or speak it. Also we can delete it. Enjoy learning, please drop me a message on Duolingo | Jake Lin if you have any questions or you need more features.


Supported Browsers

It is a Google Chrome Extension, currently, it only supports Google Chrome. I have no plan to port to Firefox yet. Because it is open source, any developer can reuse the code and port to Firefox. Please have a look at the Design Considerations on GitHub | Duolingo Notes before porting to Firefox.

Supported Operating System

Because it is a Google Chrome Extension, it should support most of desktop operating systems such as Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. I have tested it on Windows 8 and Mac OS X 10.9.

Why the speech button doesn't appear?

The app uses Speech Synthesis API. And only Chrome version 33 and up can support that API. If you can't see that button, please check and update your chrome. The update guideline is availabe on Update Google Chrome

Why I hear weird pronunciation when I press the speech button

The app uses Speech Synthesis API. It is very quick since it doesn't need to download any audio files from the Internet. Currently, The app supports English, Spanish, Franch, German, Italian, Mandarin Chinese, Japanese and Korean. I can add more languages to the list if required. It also depends on the Chrome browser you have installed. The voice drop-down list on this page can help you check which languages your Chrome browser can support.

On the other hand, I am also using guessLanguage.js to detect the language of the script/note/text. It is not perfect. Sometimes, it wrongly detectes the language, for example, it treats some English sentences as German. I am looking for a better alternative to detect the language. I will update the app when I find a better one.

Can I use the app on iOS or Android?

Short answer is NO.

Currently, iOS 7 doesn't provide official and generic inter-app communication protocal. Without jailbreaking my iPhone, I have no ways to retrieve any info from Duolingo iOS app. If Duolingo team can provide iOS SDK to us, I would like to make some iOS apps for Duolingo because I spend about 2 hours on Duolingo iOS app everyday.

For Android, it is some hacky ways to do it. But I don't use Android very much. I have no plan to make an Android app yet.

Here is another option. It is possible to review (not add) all your notes on your mobile, if you like that kind of app, please let me know. I will make one for iOS and/or Android when I receive a lot of people's requests.

Why can I see new features? How can I force Google Chrome to update Duolingo Notes Extension?

I regularly add new features and fix the bugs for the app. The new version will appear on Google Web Store in about 10 minutes after I publish it. Usually, Chrome browser will update the app/extension automatically. If we can't see the new version in Chrome browser, we can force the browser to update the app/extension.

How to check the installed version of the app

Click on the Settings menu

"Chrome Setting Menu"

Check the installed Duolingo Notes app version

"Duolingo Notes app version"

How to check the current app version on Google Web Store

Right click the Duolingo Notes Action Button and press the Duolingo Notes menu

"Right click the Duolingo Notes Action Button"

Check Duolingo Notes app version on Google Web Store

"Duolingo Notes app version on Google Web Store"

How to force Chrome browser to update the app/extension

If they do not match, we can press the Update extensions now button to force Chrome browser to update the app.

Update extensions now

How to setup the shortcut key to add notes

It version 2.0 or above is your first version to install Duolingo Notes app. You should be able to use Alt+A to add notes. It would be a bug of Google Chrome, it doesn't add shortcut for existing apps. If you used old versions before, you can uninstall the app and install again to activate this feature. Or follow the step below:

In Google Chrome address bar, input chrome://extensions/configureCommands and then hit the enter key.

Find the Duolingo Notes app section

Setup shortcut key 1

Click on the text box of Add to Duolingo Notes

Setup shortcut key 2

When the focus is on the text box, press shortcut keys (Alt+A) to set it. You can use some other shortcuts but please ensure it is not conflict with the others, eg. Ctrl(Command)+S is used by Chrome to save the web page.

Now, we should be able to use shortcut key to add notes.


Jake Lin

May 13, 2014



Nicely done. Strangely enough the "speech button" isn't appearing for me. Anyway, I've added it to the wikia(http://duolingo.wikia.com/wiki/Duolingo_Browser_Extensions). Its kind of small right now but it may expand eventually.

Edit: It seems that one thing missing from the app is the ability to add custom notes, or personal comments. Since they are all generated automatically, users have no way of adding their own thoughts to the sentence. It would also be nice to know from which skill the sentence comes from.


Thanks for adding the app to wikia. Would you please let me know what version of Chrome are you using? The "speech button" will only appear in version 33 or up. It will hide itself if the chrome version is lower than 33.

The app had custom comment field in previous version. And I intended to removed it because I want more space in the popup. I will add it back during lunch time. I will keep you posted.


It was version chrome version 32. I updated it recently to version 34 and now the icon appears. The only problem is that it only seems to play the sound once. When I first open the browser it works, first it has this really weird pronunciation, and on the second try it pronounces it properly in the respective language. But after that the speech simply stops working.

Perhaps it is because I use the Linux operating system (Fedora core 19).


I have updated the original post to add FQAs. Please see the Why I hear weird pronunciation when I press the speech button section.


Thanks, my guess is that the speech doesn't work properly because of linux. Probably some Google chrome bug in it.

The custom note works well. It is just a bit hard to see it when it is very long. Maybe you could add a tooltip that shows the entire note.


I don't have Linux machine at the moment. I am not sure what happen on Linux.

Tooltip for custom note (personal comments) has been added. It should show up in minutes. Thanks for your suggestion. Please receive a lingo.


Another problem is that there is no notification/feedback when users add a note. I think either the extension icon could change till users click it or there could be a tooltip there to notify the user the note has been added.

Edit: It also doesn't seem to work during lesson practice.


Well the URL is :https://www.duolingo.com/practice.

You can have a look at this extension: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/hcamnijgggppihioleoenjmlnakejdph

It provides a visual notification in the icon itself, maybe that's a nice way to do it.


Hi Dessamator, we are on the same page. I am very serious about UX. I had a post to discuss the notification when I was working on the app. Please have a look at http://ux.stackexchange.com/questions/56812/possible-best-ways-to-provide-feedback-for-an-action-of-google-chrome-extens . I will add Chrome Notification as the starting point and test out the UX.


Please let me know what is the URL of lesson practice, the English course I am learning doesn't have this yet. I can't test it.


Hi Dessamator, I have updated the app and it should support Practice now in version 1.5.


Thanks for the update, it works now.


Wow! What a great idea, and you followed through on that by actually doing it! And open source, too. Bravo!

Requests: Exporting to a user's Memrise. :) Basically to let any user build a Memrise vocab list for personal review. Just an idea, and no clue how you would do it. But I would not have been able to create this app either. So maybe you could. :)


That's a great idea, technical speaking, we can export the vocabularies from Duolingo and generate a excel spreadsheet for Memrise, but I don't know how can we split the words in different levels. And where should we use as the definitions/explanations, which can be images or descriptions. I hope Duolingo can add this feature for us soon.


This is very, very handy for me. I use what might be called a brute force approach to learning French. I won't bother you with tedious details but I can assure you that this app help will definitely help me in a big way.

It is working on my browser like it's supposed to. It might not be useful for everybody but for me it is a big blanking deal to quote V.P. Biden. I will make a point of mentioning it on other threads.

Many thx. I will send some lingots your way in case you have some use for them.

Maybe you could come up with an app to simplify sending lingots. One at a time is very tedious.


Hi northernguy, I can't believe you gave one hundred lingots. Thanks you very much.


Notes has stopped adding question and answers. Is there a limit to how many it can handle. I have about twenty or so that I have tried to add. It currently has about ten.


Hi, thanks for reporting that, it does have a limit. I am using chrome.storage.sync at the moment. According to google's document(https://developer.chrome.com/extensions/storage#type-StorageArea), it can use 102,400 bytes. I will change it to use chrome.storage.local, it can use 5,242,880 bytes. I will fix it tonight if I have time, I may not able to since my son is sick. Later on, I will create a back-end server to sync all notes.


It was definitely a storage problem since deleting some notes allowed me to start adding again.

It would be good if it could hold as many notes as a Duo lesson has examples. Seems like a increase in storage of the size that you are suggesting ought to be able to do the trick.


I have updated the app, it should be on the store in minutes. if you can't see the update, please have a look at the HOW CAN I FORCE GOOGLE CHROME TO UPDATE DUOLINGO NOTES EXTENSION? section. Thanks


It is now available for upload which I did. The app is now working as you indicated.

Thank you very much. Just used it this morning to work my way through a complex lesson.

Hope your son gets better soon. It's always a worry when they get sick.


I added the notes extension to Chrome today. It is enabled and shows the icon at the top right. After a question I can right click and tell it to add the question, but every time I go to Notes using the icon at top right, there is nothing there. It does not seem to be adding the question or anything. The notes interface window is always empty other than the default text.


The developer has posted elsewhere on this page that he no longer supports the app as he has moved on to other things. Since it is an open source app, he has invited others on Duolingo to modify it to keep up with Chrome's ever changing format.

If you or anyone you know has that capability and is interested, he has posted a link further down the page.


I have updated the app to version 2.0, added some new features such as deleting all notes, exporting all notes and shortcut key for adding notes.


Very nice. But since you added a button to export all notes and delete all notes. It would also be prudent/nice to create a button to import all notes. In case users change browsers or want to back/up their notes for use in another computer. Also a notification that a note was added would be nice too and/or maybe a short sound.

P.S. The shortcut button doesn't seem to work properly nor does the export to csv button.


it does not work anymore....


Wow this looks like it's going to have such huge potential. It's going to be such a help for the lessons I really struggle to remember certain word order, or forms of verbs etc - so I can revise with it when I'm losing motivation to go through a lesson that I'm feeling stuck in a rut with.

I just hope people don't abuse this extension to cheat their way through lessons. Do you have a way to prevent that? :)


Cheating--could sometimes be another word for learning. You cheat, or use training wheels, until you no longer need them. And if someone else really cheats, that's their problem. Possibly I am totally missing something here that you meant.


Agree. A loose analogy is Guns can be used by a police or used by a criminal, no offence.


Also giving you 5 lingots for putting the effort into building such a tool :)


Thanks, that motivates me a lot.


Thanks for pointing out. I didn't consider the people would use it for cheating. I think the reason why the people (at least myself) spend hours and hours on Duolingo is to improve their language skills but not to just earn XPs. I can probably write a cheating app to auto play and auto level up on Duolingo. But I rather spend more time on learning duolingo to improve my English skills. I wouldn't like to cheat myself.


Actually, it might be an amusing waste of time to make a cheating app, run it on a new account, and see how long it takes to get through the tree... Sorry, random idea.

Your app is great though!


What if they do? They would only be cheating themselves. :-)


That is true. As they wouldn't be retaining anything if they'd just be using it to zoom through lessons.


The vast majority of users can't even use this extension, since they require a PC, and Chrome. So its not a big problem. Anyway, It would be easy enough to prevent the abuse, by making it only show a few at a time.



Making it less capable because some people might use it to waste their time doesn't seem like a good idea.


It certainly does, and designers do it all the time. Sometimes for good reasons sometimes for bad reasons.Consider this for example, if a gun was designed from the onset to fire only once a day it would be preventing people from shooting each other so easily.

In terms of notes, as the author said, a bot could be written using this software to complete lessons without any user intervention. This could be used to flood Duolingo and cause problems for all users. There are always trade-offs when designing a piece of software.


It seems like artificially increasing Duo's success rate would be a poor way to interfere with Duo's operations.

True, some students enticed into trying Duo because of the inflated success rate might be surprised at how difficult it was for them to match the apparent success of others, but manipulation of this app by evildoers wouldn't affect their own rate. In fact, using the full form of the app for studying would help them regardless of how others chose to use it.

It would be a simple matter to counter that particular type of attack by pointing out, on the web site, that Duo is hard work just like any method of learning a foreign language.


It may give a bad image to Duolingo, and people could actually accuse Duolingo of artificially inflating their own success rate by making bots to complete the lessons.

But anyway, we are going off topic. This is a good app that likely only become better in the future especially since it is opensource.



All true.


I'd like to have it for firefox :-)


Please see the updated FQAs section about Firefox.


Is there any chance of grouping the notes by skill? For instance:

  • Basics 1
  • La femme;
  • L'homme;
  • Food
  • Je bois du lait;
  • Je mange le poulet;

Edit: Perhaps with the new score card feature, it would be better to add many notes at the same time.


I will think about grouping feature. For the score card feature, I can't access it yet. will try to implement it when I have access. I am working on a product which mixes duolingo and memrise in all my spare time. Hopefully, I will release the beta version soon and work on Duolingo Notes app more.


Great, I think the feature will be widely available soon. Most users seem to like it, although Duolingo generally takes around 1 or 2 months to make their features permanent.

I'm looking forward to your new version.


Hi! Thanks for this really great tool! Since I use Anki a lot, I wanted to input some phrases from here to Anki, but I have a problem when it comes to exporting it to CVS. It doesn't show the right characters, for example;

"Je mange de la viande, sauf du bœuf." became "Je mange de la viande, sauf du bÅ“uf."

Is it something wrong with my computer? How do I fix it? Thank you in advance! Linglots for you!


Which Operating System are you using? Can you use a text editor to open the CSV file first and check the text?


That's because you're probably using a simple editor to open it. You need a proper word processor that supports that character set. Try using openoffice, or Ms word.


Sorry, it's working fine, I clicked the file and it opened on excel, which was where the problem occured, it didn't occur to me to open on msword. Thank you both of you!


Hi, I have recently installed and begun using DL Notes 2.0. It's great, however when I export to CSV, my comments don't export. Can you help with this? I am using Chrome. Thanks.


This app isn't supported anymore and no longer works with current version of chrome. Which is too bad because it was great while it worked.


I really wish this app was still supporter - it seems like it'd be such a useful aid.


Great extension!!! I was looking for something helpful and this can really help in some phrases or expressions.

I found out this extension is not working at this moment and I look over the source code and I found out why.

Is possible for me to tweak some of the scripts and make it work again in this web layout on browser.

Is any one interested on have it?

Regards, Carlos


I am very interested in having it for too many reasons to list here. If it is working again, I would recommend it to every Duo student. It greatly expands Duo utility.


Ok, northenguy. But more people should required it. I am already making some changes but still is buggy. This new duolingo layout is not so easy to grab the sentences :-/ and seems to vary a little I will post back for more news ;-) Regards


Thanks in advance for whatever effort you put into it.


I would be interested for sure. Please post the link if you put it up on the Chrome store.


This is absolutely fantastic. Bravo for creating such a useful ap. And thank you for sharing it!


Thanks. Happy learning.


Well done, Jake Lin! I am really proud of you :)


Thanks for your great contribution to English for Chinese Speaker course.


You should be rewarded ; )


Is it an extension or a userscript?

If it's a userscript, I can install it on Firefox. If it's an extension, I can't.


It is an extension.


Currently, it can be used on Google Chrome only


Great idea and it is fantastic that you have put it on GitHub. Hopefully this can continue to develop and it will be interesting to see where it goes.


Thanks, I will keep working on it.


Does it work on a tablet version which is on Android 4.2 ?


It does not work with any App, either android or iOS. You have to use the crome browser..


Please see the updated FQAs section.


Thanks. I use Chrome browser...


This is AWESOME, thanks for sharing! :D


Many thanks for this, it really is an amazing tool.


Very cool. Thanks for enhancing the DL experience. You are the recipient of my first Lingot gift.


You r really COOL


This is amazing, thank you very much, now I'm downloading that :)


thanks for doing this!


I would love to have an iOS one~


Do you mean you want an iOS app to review your bookmarked notes?


Exactly! I save many pics of my wrong answers atm. I find its hard to look through photos to review those notes...It would be nice to have a separate place to save all those. Thanks again for your contribution, its a lovely thing to have. :-)


If i add a feature to view pictures easily. Does it help?


Sorry, English sound is good, but in other languages isn't good the phonology, thanks for reading :D


Thanks for reporting that. Please let me know which language you tried to pronounce.


French and German so far


They are supported languages. Can you open this link (http://codepen.io/matt-west/full/wGzuJ) to check whether your Chrome browser supports them or not? Also Can you paste some texts in this post and I can double check.


The Portuguese voice is hilariously bad.


Can you check this link (http://codepen.io/matt-west/full/wGzuJ) to see whether your Google Chrome supports Portuguese?


Portuguese isn't in the dropdown Voice box if that's what you mean. Why would my Chrome be different to anyone else's?


Yes, your Chrome doesn't support Portuguese. I think the people use Portuguese Operating System should support Portuguese. The others don't as default. I am working on it to see how to fix it.


Wow this looks great! I'm surprised it isn't more talked about on the forums. I'm definitely going to install it and try it out.


Se ve muy útil! Gracias por postearlo!


I need someone who can help me or guide me through this, I installed the extension on my laptop and after two weeks, it doesn't do anything, it doesn't save anything, what am I doing wrong?

  • 1690

Thank you for the great application. Have you considered grouping function for different languages? I learn French and Greek and would like to group bookmarks per language i am learning.

  • 1690

That would be good improvement if cursor goes to search line when opened.

  • 1690

A question: Is it possible to see my bookmarks in different computers? In other words, is it possible to store bookmarks on the cloud (such Google Drive) and reach it anywhere from internet?


Sorry, I am busy on another project https://github.com/IBAnimatable/IBAnimatable at that moment, it is possible to support Google Cloud (actually it is quite easy). Would you like to change it by yourself? Here is the source code, https://github.com/JakeLin/DuolingoNotes please let me know if you some help on this. But I am quite busy on IBAnimatable until we ship the new release.

  • 1690

Thank you for this useful tool and for your efforts. I have very limited knowledge on software development but i will look at your notes.


Thanks, please let me know if you have any questions.


i like the straggy for french


Can you add Russian as well? Thank you.


(I'm writing this on July 2, 2017)

Is this extension still supported? I just installed it on MacOS Sierra 10.12.5, Chrome 59.0.3071.115. I've confirmed that the extension version is current (2.0) and have checked at chrome://extensions/configureCommands to dbl check those settings.

The UI is working as described, but the data is not getting stored.

There are a few recent reviews at the Chrome store which imply that the extension stopped working somewhere around 56.0.2924.87.

Is there any chance of getting the extension up and running again??



Sorry, I am not working on this app, if you like to, you can update it, it is open sourced. https://github.com/JakeLin/DuolingoNotes thanks.


Thanks for the confirmation.


maestra hola me pude mandar la tarea


Does anyone know if this is still working? It does not appear to function for me unfortunately. I see that it was created some years ago. My shortcut is set up but it just doesn't store the info. :(


No, it is not. Or at least it hasn't been for a long time. This has been discussed on this page already.


it's not working. every time i try to add something to my notes it just doesn't work


Thank you this help me so much when I starting duolingo

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