"Julia does not have a headache."

Translation:जूलिया के सिर में दर्द नहीं है।

November 24, 2018

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How come सरदर्द and सिरदर्द aren't accepted? I find सरदर्द to be more commonly used that सिर में दर्द, at least.


When you want to acknowledge someone else'a part or feeling " उस के दिल(heart) में, उसका पैर(leg)


Why isn't there हो in the negative of aching? It is in the affirmative मेरे सिर में दर्द हो रहा है but not in this statement.


Why it's के and not की?


❤❤❤? If we say I have a headache We say मुझे सिरदर्द है Pls Pay attention to real hindi. Not Hinglish


But this way us non Hindi speakers learn the words for "head" and "sore" instead of just one less usefull word, "headache".

It's a lesson, not a translation.


Exactly. Learning the basics is first, then you go to compound words.


When I pressed the word headache to see the hindi word for it, there were 3 options given: sir me dard, sir dard, and sar dard. I chose to use sir dard, and got an incorrect answer (the rest of my sentance wss exactly as stated in the correct answer given by the app). Why?


Sometimes the alternative answers are not whitelisted as correct. So tjat might have been the case .


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