"Peter and Neha have to work together."

Translation:पीटर और नेहा को साथ में काम करना है ।

November 25, 2018

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What exactly is the purpose of में in this sentence? I would have skipped it, I don’t see why it’s useful


साथ probably started out as a noun meaning 'togetherness'. So, you need the में to make it into an adverb.
In colloquial speech, साथ can be used by itself as an adverb though.

You also have साथ-साथ which, when used as an adverb also means together/side-by-side.
(When used as a postposition though के साथ-साथ means 'in addition to' )


Thank you! That is a very helpful explanation. :)


Thanks for your really helpful explanations. I have a personal question. How is it possibel to make 4000 xp a day???? Can you give me a hint? Thanks


Personally, it involves devoting hours on end to Duo due to having not much else to do courtesy quarantine.


Thanks for your answer. I think,it would need more than 24 hours for me


I would suggest that most of it is reviewing old (and relatively easy) lessons.


I forgot "mein" after sath and was marked right


This sentence in general use translates to, Peter and Neha want to work together.


How come the को is not after the साथ, and the what does the में translate as in this sentence?


This sentence uses the idiomatic structure '[Noun] को [Verb infinitive] है।' which translates to '[Noun] wants to [verb]' or '[Noun] has to [verb]'.

'साथ में' functions like 'in togetherness'.


Why not करने? Sould it not be plural?


Because of the way the sentence is structured, the verb is not really conjugating with 'पीटर और नेहा'. The literal translation of the Hindi sentence is something like 'To Peter and Neha, working together (is needed/wanted)'.


Why is it को साथ and not के साथ?


It's not exactly को साथ in this sentence. It is साथ में which means 'together'.
Recall that the [Noun] को [verb infinitve] है construction means '[Noun] has to [verb]'.
So, पीटर और नेहा को काम करना है means 'Peter and Neha have to work'. Adding साथ में makes it 'Peter and Neha have to work together'.

के साथ, on the other hand, is a postposition meaning 'with'.


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Had exact answer but marked wrong. पीटर और नेहा को साथ में काम करना है


Please, i need your help. Why it is hai and not haim ?is it work tobether the subject ?thank you for your answer. I am french and excuse for my bad English...


Yes. The verb is in agreement with the word 'काम' (work).
This is somewhat an idiomatic construction but you can think of the literal translation of the sentence being something like 'For Peter and Neha, work together has to be done'.

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