Type of first person in Japanese(日本語の一人称の種類)

The Japanese use various first-person.

This time I will introduce only a little.

わたくし[watakushi] わたし[watashi] あたし[atashi] あたい[atai] おれ[ore] おら[ora] おいら[oira] われ[ware] こちら[kochira] うち[uchi] こちら[kochira] それがし[soregashi] てまえ[temae] じぶん[jibun] ぼく[boku] わがはい[wagahai] よ[yo] せっしゃ[sextusya] おのれ[onore] ぼくちゃん[bokuchan] わて[wate] おいどん[oidon] ぼくちん[bokuchin]

Which one do you want to use?

November 25, 2018


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The hiragana is for sessha. It would have been good to include what the differences are too. Something like

  • わたくし watakushi 私: (humble) a very formal form of I or me, the first person singular
  • わたし watashi 私: I; first person pronoun
  • あたし atashi 私: (women's speech) I, used by girls and young women
  • あたい atai first-person pronoun: “I”, “me” ( Considered quite effeminate. Use is generally limited to girls and young women of the Shitamachi area of Tokyo, or to workers of the red light district.)
  • おれ ore 俺, 己: I, me
  • われ ware 我: first person personal pronoun; I, me, oneself
  • こちら kochira 此方: this person; I, me, we, us
  • うち uchi 内, 中: (Kansai, informal) I, me (used by women and girls)
  • それがし soregashi
  • じぶん jibun 自分: oneself
  • ぼく boku 僕: I (personal pronoun; implies that the speaker is a young boy or otherwise boyish)
  • わがはい wagahai 我輩: I, we, us (used by males
  • yo 予, 余: I, me
  • せっしゃ sessha 拙者: (humble, archaic) me (used by males)
  • おのれ onore 己: (humble) I

(example definitions from wikitionary)

November 25, 2018

Thank you for the correction and explanation. Perhaps, are you Japanese? It seems that you know Japanese well. By the way, I am a Japanese!

I'm not Japanese. :) I learned it in highschool and have visited a few times.

Is that so. I have never been abroad. I am very envious. What did you learn in Japan?



Ore is also masculine, right?

Women can also use it (≧∇≦)b

Isn't it only used by women when they want to seem butch? Like Ritsu on K-On?

Yes, it is usually used by men. In my opinion, boku is better. it is humble and it gets favorable impression. You can use it both casually and formally.

I have obtained Sapience. What shall I call myself. Pestilence shall be sown in my progress.


Hello. Thank you for your reply. I think "sextusya" suits you! By the way, what is "化鯨"? I want you to tell me ....

It's a yokai. How one this large manages to work a keyboard is beyond me.

I was actually just about to search for a list like this when I found this. Thank you!

Hello!! Thank you for your reply. What I introduced here is just a bit. There are many more, please investigate!

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