"यह लड़की चलती है।"

Translation:This girl walks.

November 25, 2018

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It sounds like "chalti", but shoud be "chalati" (extra vowel). Am I hearing this wrong? Is it a bad recording? Is there some linguistic phenomenon here?


The 'a' vowel is not pronounced in a lot of places due to the phenomenon of Schwa deletion. This happens most notably at the end of a word (eg: भारत is pronounced 'Bharat' and not 'Bharata', आम is 'ām' and not 'āma' etc) but can also happen in the middle of a word.

So, चलती is written 'calati' but pronounced 'calti'.


When something is male u say AA at the end and when female u say II at the end

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    What is the difference between जलती and जलत


    चलता is when the subject is male and चलती is when the subject is female.

    Also, I know it's probably a typo but note that जलती/जलता with the letter ज(ja) instead of च(cha) means 'burn'.


    चलती you say for a girl, चलता you say for a boy


    It is right answer that I said


    The answer is wrong. It is doesn't translate to this girl walks. It translates to Here, Girl walks or Girl walks here.


    The first word is यह. It is usually pronounced 'ye' but the TTS voice that Duolingo uses pronounces it as 'yaha'. You're thinking of यहाँ - 'yahan', which means 'here'.


    यह लड़की चलती है this girl walks


    So according to Duo the girl isn't supposed to walk??

    :D :D??


    I want pictures

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