"My finger is smaller than your finger."

Translation:मेरी उँगली तुम्हारी उँगली से छोटी है ।

November 25, 2018

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Is 'तुमहारी उगंली से मेरी उगंली छोटी है' wrong grammatically?


No. It justs emphasises a different part of the sentence. You can report if it's not accepted. (Note that you've made a typo in spelling उंगली)


why is it tumhari not teri


Both are valid in this case. Possessive: Tu -> teri Tum -> tumhari Aap -> aapko


Why "sai" instead of"may"


Translation for than is से (sē) rather than में ("may") which means in.


Maybe jiminous fingers


Shouldn't it be उँगलियाँ instead of उँगली because of से? This makes me a little confused. I will come back to this lesson in case someone reply to my message. Thank you in advance!


No. The singular oblique-case form (which you have to use because of the postposition से) is not always the same as the plural form. That only happens in the case of masculine nouns.
The forms of उँगली are:
Singular - उँगली (Eg: मेरी उँगली छोटी है - My finger is small)
Singular oblique - उँगली (यह गाजर मेरी उँगली से बड़ी है - This carrot is bigger than my finger)
Plural - उँगलियाँ ( मेरी उँगलियाँ छोटी हैं - My fingers are small)
Plural oblique - उँगलियों (यह गाजर मेरी सभी उँगलियों से बड़ी है - This carrot is bigger than all my fingers)


why तुम्हारी and not तुम्हार? I'm still trying to understand the case system but since that is the object of the sentence I was expecting the plural to be used.


तुम्हारी is used because उँगली is feminine.
You must use तुम्हारी when it is followed by any feminine noun (singular or plural, direct or oblique).

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