"This car is mine."

Translation:यह गाड़ी मेरी है।

November 25, 2018



What's the difference between यह and इस, or between वह and उस? Why is it यह गाड़ी मेरी है।, but इस घर मेरा है। ?

November 25, 2018


इस is the oblique form of यह and उस is the oblique form of वह. So, you use इस/उस only when it is followed by a postposition (like में, से, पर etc) and यह/वह otherwise.

'इस घर मेरा है।' is incorrect. 'This house is mine' should be 'यह घर मेरा है', similar to यह गाड़ी मेरी है।

However, if you want to say something like 'There is a ghost in this house', you would say 'इस घर में भूत है'. Because of the postposition में, इस is in the oblique case.

November 25, 2018
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