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  5. "This car is mine."

"This car is mine."

Translation:यह गाड़ी मेरी है।

November 25, 2018



What's the difference between यह and इस, or between वह and उस? Why is it यह गाड़ी मेरी है।, but इस घर मेरा है। ?

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इस is the oblique form of यह and उस is the oblique form of वह. So, you use इस/उस only when it is followed by a postposition (like में, से, पर etc) and यह/वह otherwise.

'इस घर मेरा है।' is incorrect. 'This house is mine' should be 'यह घर मेरा है', similar to यह गाड़ी मेरी है।

However, if you want to say something like 'There is a ghost in this house', you would say 'इस घर में भूत है'. Because of the postposition में, इस is in the oblique case.


Thanks so much! This is the reply to my previous question on another sentence.


what's wrong with "ye meri gaadi hai". It should also be correct, right?

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'यह मेरी गाड़ी है' would be 'This is my car'. The subject of the sentence is 'This/'यह'.

The subject of 'यह गाड़ी मेरी है' /'This car is mine' is 'This car'/'यह गाड़ी'.


Does the meri show the gender of the car or the person speaking?

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The car.
मेरी is used because गाड़ी is a feminine noun.


This room is mine - yah kamra mera hai - wrong. Suggested "yah mera kamra hai". This car is mine - yah meri gadi hai - again wrong Suggesting "yah gadi meri hai"

Can someone please explain this.


'यह कमरा मेरा है' is a correct translation for 'This room is mine'.

'यह मेरा कमरा है' would translate to 'This is my room' instead of the required sentence. Don't know why duo would suggest that... Similarly, 'यह मेरी गाड़ी है' would translate to 'This is my car', which is again not the required translation.

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The other sentence was 'This is my room'. Since the subject was only 'This'/'yeh', the translation was 'Yeh mera kamra hai'.

In this sentence 'This car is mine', the subject is 'This car'/'yeh gaadi'. So the translation will be 'Yeh gaadi meri hai'.


This is my car is same as this car is mine.

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