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Wrong translation solution: Elle offre un livre

Elle offre un livre. Correct solutions: She buys a book. => wrong She is offering a book.

'to buy' is 'acheter', and 'offrir' is anything but a synonym :)

July 11, 2012



It seems to me that if you think of taking your friend past a coffee shop and saying "Can I offer you a coffee?" - this is the sense in which "offrir" can be "to buy" - it's offering a gift.


There has recently been a topic about the meaning of "offrir" (not sure if you can search for it on here), but in certain cases offrir can mean to buy.


I believe that the reason why the French "offrir" does not exactly translate "buy" and vice-versa is that you may offer something you have not bought/paid. In addition, in usual French it is not very elegant to refer to money (buy=acheter) when you invite someone for lunch, for exemple.


Offre means buying, it's true, but it actually means buy something for someone. In addition it may also mean to give something to someone as a gift.

And i guess the sentence concerns the second case.

the wordreference page about offre may provide some useful help:



I have discusses this with a French friend of mine, and indeed it can be the cases that it means to buy; However this is more than likely not what is meant. Maybe the best thing is to really clarify this within the lessons?

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