"Four eyes"

Translation:चार आँखें

November 25, 2018

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Just so you new learners know, and I hope duolingo takes note too, this is an common insult used by school bullies to call someone with glasses. Not funny, duolingo.


In English it is the same insult, although I haven't heard anyone use it in a long time.


Now such a high proportion of children wear glasses they have become a fashion statement.
The reason seems to be a lack of sunlight and only looking at close objects.


At least we'll know if someone is being insulting.


It could be considered an insult, but I prefer to think of two creatures with 4 eyes: the Whirligig Beetle, and Anableps, a genus of fish with four eyes, as well.


धन्यवाद, thank you.


Can someone refresh me on why आँख is pluralized with the bindu rather than just ए? Apologies if this is a stupid question.


Plurals with just ए without the bindu are masculine (कुत्ते, बच्चे etc). आँख is feminine.


B'cuz Aankh is singular and aankhein is plural.. So to make it plural we add ain at last and a anusvar(bindu). Another example is Vah Kha rha hai. (Singular) He is eating Ve Kha rhe hain (Plural) They r eating Hope u understood


This phrase is not only used to tease school kids it's how most of them make fun of people who wear spectacles


Have reported this sentence several times as bullying and insulting. But finding Duolingo does not actually remove offending phrases...its rather disturbing that they do not remove such. It should not be taught in any langauges. You can figure out insults on your own. The platform should take care of the sentiment it encourages and the vibes it puts out


In what situation am i supposed to use this phrase in real life??? Is it even important??


Can't this phrase be used for an intimate conversation? "Let's talk in four eyes"


No. That idiom is not used in Hindi, or in Indian English for that matter.
As others have mentioned above, the only idiomatic usage of the phrase in either language is a derogatory reference to people with glasses.

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