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If you having issues starting Basics 1 (Unable to because it is still locked)

If you are having issues starting Basics 1 (First block in the German skill tree) due to a bug causing it to be still locked after your profile setup, use these steps to get going:

-Under the Level section, there should be a shortcut button, usually this is a test to see if you are ready to skip other sections and move on.

-Take the shortcut test, (I used a translation tool online to get a few answers right) until you have failed the test using up all your hearts.

-When you go back to the German skill tree, you should see that you are able to start Basics 1

July 11, 2012

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Tackle, I don't really understand this site very well, but I've been stuck in Basics lvl 9 for 2 days now. I've been Translating like crazy to increase my skill level but stuck in the middle of the earliest food lesson.

What's wrong? Should I fail another test? Why am I stuck here on Refreshing lesson 10x with no advancement (all hearts?)

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