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Je/Jij, Ze/zij, We/wij ????

Hello everyone, I am new to Dutch.

In the clothing lesson, I come across a lot of sentences where it seems like a word is not being stressed, but just being used in a statement, but what I have learned is the "stressed version" of the word is used. Why is that?

Thank you in advance, Giovanni.

November 26, 2018



Just to be sure we share the same information: A lot of reasoning is already available at: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/3734337. 'Zij draagt leuke kleren' and 'ze draagt leuke kleren' are both correct translations of: 'She is wearing nice clothes'.


Thanks for the link! :)


In some sentences, you could use either, the stressed or unstressed version. However, in the listening examples, duolingo expects you to type in the exact version they decided on for that sentence and will mark the other as incorrect. It is sometimes impossible to hear a difference in the audio sample. Clicking on the turtle button helps a lot. If you still can't tell the difference between a "ze" or "zij", just type "zi", because that will count only as a typo instead of a wrong word for either.

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