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  5. "Two men eat bananas."

"Two men eat bananas."

Translation:दो आदमी केले खाते हैं।

November 26, 2018



Why it couldn't be दाे अादमी केले खाते हाे?


When you are talking about multiple people or things you use हैं, the only time you use हाे is when you are talking to someone, तुम हो or आप हो, but talking about other people will be either है or हैं depending on plurality.


Thank you for your help.


Hey, duolingo, please review one of the options in the exercise. I think दो आदमी लड़के खाते हैं "two men eat boys" sounds very very bad D: Dispite that, thanks for all the lessons!


When you press the खाते button in the word bank, the pronunciation sounds like खते ("khate," as opposed to "khaate"), and same with all other variations of this word. Please fix this, Duolingo.


I think the plural of आदमी is आदमीयाँ


No that rule only follows with feminine nouns that end with ई, लड़की = लड़कियाँ. But if a masculine noun ends with anything other than आ, like here with आदमी, also सेब​, पलंग​, दिन​, etc. then there is no change, the plural is the same word as the singular.

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